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I personally have my own grey Knights in my chaos army and I love them. I have ten terminator and ten tactile. I just failed them and use grey knight codex for them as normal. I fight with myself if I should remove the agies hood or keep it and field them as sorcerers. I recently left a tactile grey knight in my garage and a rat got ahold of it (and the damn thing moved and hid another 94 of my infantry units) and well he broke off the arms of the grey knight and his power pack. (All the other figures were unharmed he just wanted to be an ass and move them to his nest) well I put a rapors power sword in his right hand and a space wolf power sword in left, then replaced his power pack with a chaos one. The repair was amazing and I actually used him as my leader and left my Deamon prince out in my last battle. The stance he's in makes him look massively buff and intimidating and right now he's my newest pride and joy. (I killed the rat the next day)
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