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Default kannons on battlewagons?

Well as to the question above is a kannon on a wagon any good. Personally i like running my wagons with two weapons until the recent change i used to run a pair of big shootas and now have swapped to rokkits for the increased effectiveness against heavy targets.

In the past (5th edition) i ran two big shootas and a kannon, but only when i had two wagons in the list, not the 4 or 5 I'm using currently. Didn't have much luck with this load out, the rules certainly were certainly different.

For some reason i just had an epiphany that the option for a kannon insted of the pair of rokkits for the increased effectiveness against just about anyting. Kannons have a much increased range compaired to the shorter range but increased shots and then there is the blast template it can sling, its certainly not the best but could be nice in certain situations? Only real thought is that if you move over 6" it has to be fired or even snap shot at the enemys as the missle form, but once the cargo has been dropped they are more of a threat and particularly to small back feild units such as scouts, grots or other deck chair units.

Any thoughts? Is it worth the upgrade? Have i been missing this all along, with the reductions down to 10 points insted of the 15 in the last book.

Note "kannons" are basically a marine missile launcher without the high ballistic skill of course. So strenght 8 Ap 3 shot or the small blast at strenght 4 AP 5

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