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Got a pretty sweet deal on a 15mm-scale Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge Games. I've always thought DreaForge's walkers looked amazing, and when the sale came around, I just couldn't resist. The first one actually got lost in the mail, but Mark (the guy behind this awesome little Kickstarted company) was kind enough to send me a replacement. This is the first non-GW model I've purchased for use in my 40K army. I think it makes a much more realistic dreadnought than the standard little guy. This is because of the longer legs. Thinking realistically about things for a moment, I ask you: what is the main advantage that legs have over wheeled and even tracked vehicles? The answer is that they can maneuver over terrain that the legless vehicles cannot. The longer the legs, the greater the advantage over tank treads or wheels. Now I love the standard SM dreadnought model, it's one of the key models that sparked my lifelong obsession with 40K, but I have to admit that he has such stubby legs, that he could barely walk over anything without falling over. Thus, I wanted a walker with longer legs--something that I could picture striding over tank traps to get at the foe. I thought about converting longer legs on the existing model, maybe using IG Sentinal legs, but finally went with the Leviathan model--less conversion work to do and just a cool model whose aesthetic already leans toward the sci-fi knight look of the Space Marines.


It's true, GW really does spoil us with the low piece count of its miniatures. But even with so many little parts, this guy is a joy to build. Each piece is computer designed and manufactured with such quality, that it all fits together perfectly and with an amazing level of articulation and poseability

It takes several steps just to get this far

The metal screws are a great engineering choice. They add strength to key joints that are going to move a lot.

The legs coming together
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