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Default Chaos Undivided.... How?

It was my understanding that you could only worship one of the four Gods without getting torn apart by the resulting conflict, between the two or more Gods over who got you as their champion. Making worship of even non-opposing Gods like Khorne and Nurgle impossible.

Yet, I just recently learned about Chaos Undivided, who somehow managed to worship all four Gods and survive. Can I ask how?

Do the Gods just say, ''Ok, guys, this dudes worshipping all of us and he's a pretty big badass, should we just call it equal ownership?''

Oh, and to those who have been watching the RP section lately: Yes, this is basically a question of if that character could survive with the choices he's made.

''Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Sk- Oh shut up already! I'm a blasted Noise Marine and you've managed to give me a headache!''

- Random Noise Marine in the midst of a Khorne-Berserker.

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