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Default The Fifth Rig

"As do yours, Child." The assassin answered back, reassembling her rifle with a precision Sekel would normally associate with trans humans. Looking from the woman, he instead cast his gaze around the chamber. It stretched onward and outward, filled to the brim with machinery, servitors, and thralls running about tending to their business. It was an ugly place, creations of half life and steel working on hybrid abominations.

“I imagine he’ll be joining us shortly. No doubt he has supplications to make and wards to inscribe before we depart.” The assassin said to Sekel's now turned back and he could not help but break into a laugh. "He chases after his god like a pet to its master; he is no true champion of the gods. Very few of them are." Those last words he spoke with contempt he did nothing to disguise.

From his side another entered, the half-kin Volpex. That one was beyond contempt, worshipping both the prince of pleasure and mongrel blood god? Were he to cross Sekel, then his blade would drink well, of that he was sure.

Deep within the workshop chamber stood what appeared to be an emaciated figure in tattered robes. Beside him stood a tech-cherub which shambled towards the group before blurting something in a machine code that was nothing but pain to the ears. Other thralls moved to assist the figure, which then turned around and looked at the group. Ganesh was nothing worth looking at, a garish amalgamation of man and machine.

"You are Bartimus'- I mean Laetres' men. I am Ganesh, your creator. I already know what you are here to do." The heretical magos voice, heavy with static, grated from a vox speaker. "The ship is almost ready but let me give you some word of advice..." Ganesh droned on and Sekel's eyes glazed over as he lost himself in a memory, he and his brothers assaulting a xenos fleet through a radiation storm they had been pursuing for weeks.

"Its called: Spearhead. Not the best name but its something. It fires off explosive acidic rounds that can burn the hull of a ship and will destroy the matter overtime. I made it with Necron technology with the infusion of imperial tech. It took me years to perfect but now I have done it." Ganesh continued, and Sekel returned to the now in time to see the ship revealed.

He was not impressed, in fact he outright loathed what was docked before him. Where he had expected a modified thunderhawk or fire raptor, instead he stared at a bastardized hybrid of human capability and xenos technology. He was not adverse to the use of alien tech, the Mechanicum of old had worked wonders reverse engineering and recreating technology for mankind. But this thing in front of him was a perversion of all the senses and not in a good way.

Ganesh continued, likely not noticing the look of murder Sekel gave him at creating such a thing and expecting them to use it. "Fly the ship to the space hulk and get inside. Find your way to the center of it and get the weapon cache, pretty damn simple. We don't know much about the weapons or the people in the hulk but they probably wont..." Ganesh finished, but Sekel was beyond listening and already walking towards the embarkation ramp.

“I hope you don’t mind if I take the driver’s seat?” The assassin said, she appeared to be of the same mind as Sekel and her stride nearly matched his own. Emerging into the cockpit, Sekel took the copilot seat; he was no dedicated pilot but all astartes had training in piloting spacecraft.

''Well, let's hope this thing can take a hit, otherwise this will be a very short mission.'' Volpex said from behind him, and Sekel could not keep himself from growling. "Such a thing would do well to either improve this abominations appearance or remove its blight upon the galaxy."

Without much hunt of engine startup, the ship lifted off and out of the workshop with little wake. The silence of the engines, smoothness of their motion, did nothing to improve Sekels opinion of their vessel. As they neared the space hulk their ship was hailed to identify or be shot; a crude threat which they could easily call but one in which the assassin took a different approach. “This is a strike force under the command of Julia Sanska, bond-servant of Rouge Trader Maskaly. I am under orders to retrieve Clementina Maskly from your Space Hulk and authorized to release the cargo of her ship to you in exchange for you aid. Do we have permission to land?” She said and Sekel shook his head.

"We should power up all weapon systems and obliterate some of their defense batteries. Show them the futility in believing they can deny us."

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