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While I can not think of anything original yet, one minor god that has been rumored to exist in 40k that I think would make for a interesting deity in the big four is the god of the Chaos Space Marine Raptors, which it is said some Raptors decide to give their faith to instead of the four.

The Raptor god is a god that is extremely predatory in nature and loves the thrill of the hunt, while stalking his prey he enjoys mentally torturing his victim(s) causing great amounts of psychological horror because the other thing he loves as much as the thrill of the hunt is causing his prey extreme amounts of fear and terror. And when he has toyed with them long enough and their terror and fear have reached their peak and his victims panic has sent them into disarray he strikes out from the shadows to butcher them in close combat.

So he is basically a god of the hunt, fear and terror and with more fleshing out I think he would make for a interesting god. He definitely would find some followers among Raptors (obviously) and Chaos Bikers since what he does fits very well with them.

Originally Posted by hailene View Post
I like him, personally. Really enjoy the touch of how the Eldar fell due to their arrogant and decadent ways. A good moral, if you will.

As for another Chaos God? Maybe like one of hope/despair or mania/passion sort of deal.

The hop/despair combo since you really can't one without the other and the idea of taking passion to the point of excess sounds pretty nifty to me. Even the idea of doing "good" to the point of self-destruction.
Very interesting ideas, do you have any further thoughts on them?

Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
I'm honestly curious about your opinion about slaanesh baing a bad figure to have in grimdark 40k. Since i don't want to derail the thread, i'd love to receive a PM with your ideas on the matter
Just out of sheer curiosity, since, you know, slaanesh is my preferred god!! (even in Real life )

About a valid sobstitute...well, malal ,imo, is on junior league, i've never seen him as something more than a nuisance to the true gods (even with the old comics badassery: that was just 1 champion...maybe the only one he had. I would love to see him pitted against Doombreed and see who's best at killing stuff.)
A god to replace slaanesh could only be a sobstitute. We could take a god of ignorance and zealotry, wich are widespread in the galaxy. We could expand from this and include the general concept of malal, getting to a god of entropy, obscurantism, self destruction and ignorance; something like a god of Darkness: the void in space, the oblivion, the non-existence.
I am picturing it like a mixture of the Neverending Story's "The Nothing", the Goddess "Shar" from Forgotten Realms 2nd edition and the warp-manifestation of the dark-ages on a galactic scale, all sprinkled with Malal's deuchbaggery.
And we could call it "Nihil, the Empty God, Lord of the Void"
Clearly a god fiercely opposed to all the remaining three (expecially with Nurgle due to his claim over entropy...)
I sent you that PM you asked for also these are also some interesting ideas, so basically are you taking some key points of Malal and just adding to it? And the rivalry with Nurgle seems like a interesting concept, and the way you describe him makes me think of a god who enjoys the darkness and whose main patron color would be black.

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