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Fifth Rig.

Hm, he wasn't the last one to arrive, surprising. The two forms of the other Mark V user and female filled his gaze as he entered, apparently embroiled in conversation as the Astartes had moved rather close to her. As the door behind him slide closed and the invading light was blocked out, leaving only the rather large room's own light to keep things visible, Volpex noticed the female had sections of her rifle laid out before her, a text-book calming method but he couldn't argue it's effectiveness. Striding to the right and moving away from the two, his gaze lingering on them for just a moment longer than required before he pulled it away, the inquisitive marine gazed around the hall-like structure. It was actually surprising how much stuff was in here, everywhere he looked another new and interesting piece of technology greeted him with flying sparks and dull hums. Off to the side, he noticed a rather large tarp, tattered and worn from use, covering something rather large indeed. He had an idea of what it was, but assumptions were never wise.

Continuing his lazy search of the hall, he came across a figure illuminated only by a small overhead light and surrounded by whirling machines, upon closer inspection and one of the machines spinning around to look at him and the others, the figure revealed himself to be Ganesh. The man's, if you could even call him that at this point, apparent obsession with replacing flesh with metal was disturbingly visible, but his form did raise an interesting question to Volpex's mind; if he cut him open, would he bleed blood or oil? Although before he had any time to fully explore the pondering, the man spoke with the voice of an angel.... Made of metal...

It frustrated him to say but the man's various chimes and dull groans in place of an actual voice did wonders to confuse him, leaving Volpex struggling to figure out what the cyborg even said. Although thankfully his words and actions were self-explanatory, and as a clamp grasped the large tarp he'd noticed earlier, he watched as the form of his theory came into view.

''It appears you are capable of decent cosmetic work, pity this skill didn't show itself while you were working on yourself.''

He said with a sharp hiss, filled with a slight touch of spite as he strode forward towards the craft's already lowering ramp. Transitioning from ship to ship with a loud thud, Volpex entered the one-of-a-kind ship and disappeared from sight behind large metal plates. The interior was only slightly worse than the exterior, the gun-metal grey making up most, if not all, of the colour in here, separated in various places by glowing panels and buttons he'd leave the figuring out of to others. Moving through the fairly easily layout ship towards the bridge, he passed through a pair of hissing doors and found himself before a set of large glass window, placed in front of various chairs and control panels. Sliding into one the lesser seating spots, near the back and overcast by one of the overhead controls, Volpex leaned back into the metal chair and awaited someone else to take the wheel. While he could fly various aircraft, his arrival to Chaos being the main example, he very much doubted the others would agree with putting their lives in his hands, they all seemed to refer to him as, ''crazy'' or, ''lunatic'' nowadays. Honestly he couldn't see why, the Gods he chose to worship had such similar beliefs and ultimately went hand in hand with one another. Was it simply his own ignorance that blinded him to the truth? If so, he would have to find someone to teach him the error of his ways. His thoughts were then interrupted, his head lifting from the slight tilt downward he'd left it at before he started thinking. The sound of sliding metal filled his ears, followed by boots on grate as the female strode past and placed herself in the pilots chair, that delightful groan of leathery skin filling the room. The others followed soon after, their heavy thuds making his chair vibrate as Volpex brought an eye over to Mazim, inspecting the marine's form with a lazy roll before flicking his gaze back to the window.

''Well, let's hope this thing can take a hit, otherwise this will be a very short mission.''

He said to no one in particular, the loud roar of engines overtaking every other noise as they lifted off and exited the hanger.

Next stop, Space Hulk....

''Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Sk- Oh shut up already! I'm a blasted Noise Marine and you've managed to give me a headache!''

- Random Noise Marine in the midst of a Khorne-Berserker.

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