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Sekel… Ioana suppressed an increased heartbeat and a shiver of surprise at the Astarte’s words. He was not who she thought he had heard and though she kept her head in the same position and finished reassembling her rifle, under her spy mask her eyes darted around the room. Volpex was there, quite on the opposite side of the room and Sekel was making his approach to her. Had she really mistaken the footsteps of the Carcharadon for his, or had she simply missed Sekel’s approach entirely. Either one was cause for concern and she resolved to not make the same mistake again.

"And where is the little raven? Has he found himself a trap to walk into I wonder? His kind do die so well." Ioana slotted the last pieces back together and slung her rifle over her shoulder again. “As do yours, Child.” She said sternly. In truth she’d never actually slain an Emperor’s Child, but that was of little consequence. All the targets she’d slain tended to die in much the same way, quietly and instantly. This close Ioana could feel a slight warmth from Sekel’s side. She’d heard whisperings about his blade possessing some sentience and she wasn’t sure if the heat meant it loathed her or yearned for her. In either case, she would rather not find out.

“I imagine he’ll be joining us shortly. No doubt he has supplications to make and wards to inscribe before we depart.” Her tone was neutral, even if she silently held these heathens in contempt. Soon enough the Raven joined them and Ganesh began briefing them shortly after that. She wasn’t sure if his claim to creator was arrogance or some sign of madness, but she was nothing of his creation. For such a barbaric ship, the technomancer seemed awfully pleased with himself for it. Ioana doubted such a vessel was capable of stealth, so they would have to rely on duplicity to get them into the hulk.

Ganesh finished his speech with more hollow blessings that Ioana cared nothing about. “I hope you don’t mind if I take the driver’s seat?” she said, moving before anyone had a chance to object. From her knowledge, most Astartes were trained to fly ships, but she suspected she was more skilled than them. She also supposed she would get more luck with the control station on their approach than most of them would. She took the cockpit seat and prepped the ship for take-off as the rest of the strike force bolted themselves in. She peered round the back of her chair “Ready?” They seemed it, whether they confirmed it or not.

The vessel took-off smoother than she would have expected it. She flew them towards the Space Hulk with ease and immediately began scanning for the radio frequency. Soon enough she connected and was immediately greeted with frantic hails and orders to identify or be shot. “This is a strike force under the command of Julia Sanska, bond-servant of Rouge Trader Maskaly. I am under orders to retrieve Clementina Maskly from your Space Hulk and authorised to release the cargo of her ship to you in exchange for you aid. Do we have permission to land?” Between the Orks and the Genestealers, the spacers were hardly guaranteed to have accesses to the weapons cache. She hoped the security of obtaining it, combined with additional aid to their cause would be enough for them to let her land with ease. Then, all hell was sure to break loose, but at least they’d be aboard…

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