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Bractus' Blood Tooth

Osborn sat on a crate inside the deployment bay and waited for the others on his team to arrive. It was interesting team, to say the least. An Eldar, a sorcerer, his pets, and the Night Lord. Osborn mentally reviewed what he knew of his teammates. He knew little about the Eldar, Tilraenen, though he respected his fighting prowess. What motivated the Eldar and how loyal he was to the Warband remained unknown to Osborn, though he doubted Til was fanatically devoted to Chaos or Laertes.

Juda, on the other hand, was extremely well known to Osborn, having made his true colors quite obvious. He was Laertes's lapdog, reporting overly-ambitious and traitorous members of the war band to his master. Having him on a team like this might mean he was tasked with eliminating one or all of his squad mates. Or perhaps Laertes didn't trust them, and decided to send his Hound along to keep a close eye on the team. Either way, Osborn decided that it would be prudent to watch Juda closely, just in case.

Speak of the devil Osborn thought as Juda stomped into the Deployment Bay. He raised his hand to greet the Chaos Space Marine, but Juda stomped by without ever acknowledging Osborn. "Awwwwwwwww, looks like someone didn't get what they wanted." Osborn taunted. "Don't worry, we may all be freaks, but at least we don't bite... Or at least, I don't. I don't know about the others." He laughed and vaulted off his perch, hitting the floor with a cat-like grace.

Outwardly, Osborn may have seemed calm and relaxed, but inside, he was rather nervous. This team seemed like it had the potential to be quite volatile, and if shots broke out mid mission, Osborn knew he wouldn't last long. He was a good shot, but the other members of the team were stronger and faster than could ever hope to be. The ratling shook his head and began to methodically disassemble and clean Malice, trying to empty his head of such bleak thoughts. Despite his focus on the task, one question kept reappearing in his mind, no matter how hard he tried to banish it. Are we being sent out to die?

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