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The Fifth Rig (Space Hulk)

Ganesh's chamber was a rather very very large room filled with gadgets and machines running around and completing tasks. The whole room also held small and large machines moving and standing on two legs and using their tools located on their body to do whatever they have been told. Finally the room smelled of oil and contained sparks flying out of the air and landing onto the ground near more machines.

In all of the madness a figure stood in the middle of the room covered by a torn drape. Next to this figure stood a small machine. It turned around and showed moved awkwardly towards you and the others. It was a tall machine and was covered in torn rags along with metal. It stood and stared at you for a quick second and let out a long painful noise. After this two machines started to sprint to the draped figure and adjust the drape so they could work on whatever he ordered.

"You are Bartimus'- I mean Laetres' men. I am Ganesh, your creator. I already know what you are here to do." His voice was deep and robotic. "The ship is almost ready but let me give you some word of advice. Don't trust anything on the hulk. Everyone and everything is out to kill you or take that precious gear you hold dear and use it for scrap. When you arrive at the hulk you will contact them on the radio frequency: 8.1783. Afterwards you will attempt to gain entry somehow through the spacer's side, if you fail you will have to take the dangerous route through the other side of the hulk, the Red Zone."

Another machine appeared and walked up behind Ganesh making a loud noise followed by constant beeping. Ganesh nodded and spoke once again. "Unveil the beast and let its strength shine across my creations." The machine moved away and grabbed the drape and revealed a ship with an unfamiliar design. The room went silent as the machines looked at the ship and stared at it as one collective mind. "Its called: Spearhead. Not the best name but its something. It fires off explosive acidic rounds that can burn the hull of a ship and will destroy the matter overtime. I made it with Necron technology with the infusion of imperial tech. It took me years to perfect but now I have done it."

"The ship has an easy control scheme as well. Just move the handle forwards to go forward and backwards to backwards and to move it left push to the left and so forth. Its easy to use and has a simple communication system and firing system. It also has a radar system that can guide you to the space hulk...your close by it right now but after you finish the mission we will come by to pick you up."One of Ganesh's machines released an opening to ship and revealed the insides of the ship. It was rather empty but left enough room for you and the others to enter.

"Fly the ship to the space hulk and get inside. Find your way to the center of it and get the weapon cache, pretty damn simple. We don't know much about the weapons or the people in the hulk but they probably wont be able to best any of you. If you have any use the communication systems to communicate with me on the ship. May the Gods grant you victory!"

Ganesh walked away slowly as the noises returned along with the machines working once again completing their goals.
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