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Bractus' Blood Tooth

Juda stalked from the meeting chamber towards the mag-lift. He was not a happy man.

A xenos, an abhuman and a witch on a deathworld. Is this the start of some sick joke being played on me, thought Juda. Curze's balls, this was not good. He preferred to have a substantial meat shield between him and incoming fire, a role not best suited to the weakling Eldar and dirty little mutant. At least the witch's pets would prove useful, so long as the witch himself stayed on mission and did not get distracted by something shiny catching his eye, as had proved the case in the past. This might yet prove one of those missions from which only he returned.

As the mag-lift doors closed, his vox chimed, incoming on a private channel. The voice of the Raven Guard rang in his ear. "Juda. Good luck on your mission. A mutant, a xeno, and that shifty sorcerer, huh? I guess its good you're there to make sure the objectives are met. I've got a little bit of experience with the Inquisition. Inquisitor's are bad business, they've got too many secrets up their sleeves. Better to just kill them and be done with it before they turn the tables during an interrogation. Because they will."

Juda grunted, as close to a laugh as he got these days. "I think there might be a touch of witch in you, Raven Guard. You echo my thoughts about this band of misfits. There is some consolation though. At least I don't have that lunatic Space Shark with me. As for the Inquisitior, I will leave him to Sehkt. He seems to have an unhealthy interest in the Imperium's most loyal servants." he said with a sneer.

"For one so in love with your own skin, Juda, you take a misguided pleasure in goading Astrodomious with that name. One day you will go too far."

Juda grunted again. "That day he will learn a valuable lesson in self control. Until then, I will take small pleasures where I can." He closed the vox channel at that as the mag-lift halted, and the doors slid open on the deployment bay. The abhuman had somehow managed to get there before him, and sat on a crate sucking from a tube of nutrient paste. Juda ignored him, making for the arming benches and loading up on bandoleers of extra bolt rounds. Any mission involving the Inquisition was bound to require all the extra ammunition he could carry.

While he was loading up, one thing kept running through his mind, and it bothered him greatly. This was the first mission for which Bartimus had not given him specific instructions, be it to watch one of his squad mates, or even eliminate one of them. Which led him to the conclusion that he himself could be the one being watched. Or eliminated...

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