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[The Fifth Rig]
Mazrim paid rapt attention to Bartimus as he addressed the gathered warriors. It will be good to get back out in the field. He'd been spending far too much time on this foul ship. Anything to bring down the Imperium.

The first mission piqued his interest. It sounds like subtlety would be the key there. Let the xenos keep each other busy while a small team extracts the weapons, and possibly the girl. There could be uses for a Rogue Trader's daughter. Definitely the girl. The second mission also interested Mazrim, not just for the artifact, but for the chance to take down an Inquisitor. What stores of forbidden knowledge would he be privy to?

"Ioana Karth, Mazrim, Sekel Itemar, and Volpex Astrodomious you will go to the space hulk." Well I guess that settles that. Mazrim was pleased that Ioana was chosen. She is clearly capable of a sensitive mission like this. And perhaps he could even learn something from the assassin. The other two would be another story. For all he knew they might try and duel all the orks one-by-one. Surely not. Sekel has been fighting since the Heresy. He's nothing if not a survivor. And the other? Volpex was rife with corruption, his armor was a shambles and it appears he owes allegiance to both Khorne and Slaanesh. Not the best decision making. He will have to be managed or else this will turn into an all out brawl.

The mission to the space hulk didn't really bother Mazrim, though. What did bother him was that Azor Sehkt was going to get his hands on the Inquisitor. What sort of favor would that knowledge gain him from the Architect of Fate. Perhaps one of the other heretics going after the dagger could ensure the Inquisitor doesn't live long enough to be interrogated. But who?

Certainly not the xeno. Who could even attempt to know what a mind like his was thinking? Too alien.

The ratling with the rifle would be a good choice. A traitor from the guard would have a strong fear and hatred of the Inquisition. But he seems too treacherous to confide in, and too wary to manipulate. Best leave that one to his own devices, and hope he does my job for me. Hope isn't much to go off of though.

The Night Lord might enjoy taking part in the interrogation. Mazrim had heard tales of the grizzly deeds of the Night Lords. But Juda does have a reputation for taking care of Bartimus' dirty work, and for reporting members of the warband who got too ambitious.

Mazrim voxed Juda privately as he made his way towards Ganesh's hangar. "Juda. Good luck on your mission. A mutant, a xeno, and that shifty sorcerer, huh? I guess its good you're there to make sure the objectives are met. I've got a little bit of experience with the Inquisition. Inquisitor's are bad business, they've got too many secrets up their sleeves. Better to just kill them and be done with it before they turn the tables during an interrogation. Because they will."
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