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The Fifth Rig

The rhythmatic tap of a clawed gauntlet against cold metal rang out across the quiet room, the dull ring following in the tab's wake like the soft chime of a bell. Sounding out from the back corner of the large room, Volpex's odd colour schemed form resided against the rather fleshy wall. With his arms crossed over his chest, the rustic chain pressed in-between the two metal pieces, the Chaos Space Marine quietly awaited his leader to come forward and inform him, along with the rest of the group, the reason for this little meeting. Lazily panning his gaze over the room's occupants with a slow roll of his eyes, the many shapes and colours of various clans and followers filled his mind, as well as an alien. While he didn't exactly despise aliens, he'd never even met one of this species while still within his original Chapter, the invisible barrier between Human and Xeno couldn't help but stop him from viewing them the same as the others in the room. Continuing his slow roll through the small crowd, his eyes dragged over the form of a studded Mark V Heresy Armour user, the small metal domes still parts of his metal places unlike Volpex's own, he'd removed those useless weights long ago. Flicking his eyes down to the man's weapon, he was greeted with a rather Daemonic device, clearly made with the soul of one of his God's spawn trapped within. He briefly wondered what powers the weapon held, as he'd heard stories of great swords and guns made with the souls of Daemons, able to turn flesh to ash and render armour useless to their strikes. If a battle for leadership ever broke out over the ship, he'd certainly side with him. Tearing his gaze away, Volpex didn't pay nearly as much mind to the others as the first two, save for the one oddity standing in the room. A female. While he hardly viewed the opposite sex as inferior, he had to admit this was his first time seeing one not shrieking in fear or begging for mercy...

''It's cold in here....''

Came the low hiss of his voice, an absent thought escaping his lips as he shifted slightly against the fleshy wall behind him, his arm rattling the chain across his chest. With a blink, he brought his eyes back over the room again, simply trying to pass the time with whatever distraction he could find. Scanning the room and the beings within with a slow roll of his solid black eyes, the many colours and shapes of Space Marines filled his gaze for the umpteenth time. Absent mindedly, he found his eyes drifting over and eventually settling upon the lone female and Dark Elder in the room again. Both extremely out of place when faced with the majority of beings present. He found the lack of Chaos symbols and colours on their armour endlessly intriguing; what was their reason for being here? While he held no such interest for anyone else present, that was simply down to what they were. These two on the other hand, were not quite so clear. Had they joined of their own free will? Were they outcasts from their clans? Betrayed by the one's they called brother and sister? Or maybe they were simply just like himself? The many ideas swirling within his mind, each one tantalizing to think about, made him almost forget the reason he was even here. Thankfully the sudden bang of metal against metal brought him back to his senses with a start.

Flicking his eyes up as their 'Lord' entered the room and marched up to the edge of the gantry, his eyes looking over them all like some scientist analysing his newest find, Volpex remained quiet and simply returned the stare. His gaze wasn't held for long however, as soon the metallic groan of opening doors filled the room, followed by loud footsteps. Bartimus's form came into his view a moment later, carrying with him a rather large tome, as he placed himself beside Laertes. Opening his lips and beginning to speak, Volpex perked up slightly as the reason for being here was finally revealed to him. Over the next few, short minutes, his mind was filled with brief but sharp images of a Space Hulk, no doubt the effortless work of Bartimus as he informed them all of what the situation was aboard this mess of metal. A weapons cache was their target, apparently housing something so powerful as to attract all sorts of Xenos and Humans alike. Then the images ceased and his attention was directed to the sorcerer's book, where the page presented to them transformed into a picture of the woman he briefly spoke of. While he didn't exactly care for such things, he couldn't help but drag his black tongue across pale lips as the woman's vestige filled his thoughts. But then the image was removed with a mere twist the of book, and his mind wandered back to the situation around him. Next came something about a dagger, which while it did please him on an aesthetic level as the image flashed in his mind, he couldn't care less about it. Then with a quick explanation about how they would go about retrieving these times, came the assignments. His own name was called rather quickly, along with the female's, he presumed, and two others. Although their names sounded far more Human, so he imagined the Dark Elder wouldn't be joining him. They would be assaulting the Space Hulk, in search of this hidden weapons cache sought after by seemingly quite a lot of people. A smile spread across his lips at the thought, he enjoyed being up close and personal with his foes, he always did enjoy that look on their faces as they doom approached.

Common sense indicated that the rest would be going off in search of this Dagger, so Volpex reasoned he had no further reason to still be in the room. With a small movement, he pushed away from the wall and proceeded to move towards the door. Strolling past the other Astartes without so much as a flick of the eye to them as those not yet listed continued to listen, Bartimus's voice droning on above him about the Gods granting them luck on their battle or something. Clearing the space between him and the door without delay, he exited the large room and headed down the enclosed hall. With every step he took, a soft clatter of metal on metal followed him, the cause being his two weapons attached to his hips. Their holds allowing a fair bit of give which resulted in them hitting his own armour. This constant clatter, coupled with his own footsteps impacting against the metal grate below, provided Volpex with more than enough distraction to allow him to think about the coming fight. Clearly it would be close quarters, with long, winding passage ways and tight spaces everywhere. Which while it wouldn't be a problem for his Chain-sword, might present a problem if he wasn't able to move about quite as freely as he'd want to. Deciding to take some precautions, he sharply turned to the right mid-thought, deviating off the path quickest to their destination. Making his way towards the ship's armoury, he moved through the ship's many doors and eventually found himself in the large hall, walls bristling with weaponry. Striding over to the nearest ammo storage, he quickly took a few extra clips of ammunition from their stores and firmly attached them to the back of his belt. Of course if his rifle proved ineffectual at such short range against Orks and other melee focused enemies, he did always have his more... Organic, ways of dealing with the enemy, and that didn't require ammo.

Turning on his heel and walking back the way he came, Volpex began to wonder if anyone else would prepare themselves in such a way. From what he spied of the female's weapons, she appeared to be a sniper, hardly best suited to fighting in a cramped environment. But, at the least, it would be amusing watching her attempt to use her sniper's stock as a club against Orks. With a light chuckle, he resigned himself to simply walking, he was going to be late at this pace anyway. Somewhat remembering the way to Ganesh's chambers, Volpex quietly made his way through the ship, glancing at the other Astartes and their corrupted bodies as they passed him on their way to whatever object they had been tasked with. Rounding the corner and spotting a set of large doors just up ahead, Volpex surmised this would be his target's chambers. The entrance certainly seemed fitting of a higher up's quarters, if the set of guards positioned either side were any indication of the fact. Striding down the hall with a slight sway to his walk, he watched as one of the pair briefly glanced at his partner, no doubt asking if that was one of the warriors Laertes told them about. An unheard answer later and apparently he had his answer, as when Volpex approached them and merely strode through the already opening doors, the guard hardly even glanced at him. Finding himself the chamber's main room fairly quickly, Volpex spotted at least one or two beings from the hall already in the room, standing before Ganesh as he brought his gaze over Volpex's body. He didn't say anything, deciding if they wanted to know where'd he gone, they'd have to ask.

''Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Sk- Oh shut up already! I'm a blasted Noise Marine and you've managed to give me a headache!''

- Random Noise Marine in the midst of a Khorne-Berserker.

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