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Default Webs That Bleed Part One

Webs That Bleed Part One

Laertes slammed his feet onto the metal that held them and walked angrily out of the room and was greeted by 30 people in a large scaled room. Each one was different from race and armor. It was his most loyal band of killers, thieves, soldiers, psykers and more. He glared at them without uttering a word in a room of complete silence.

The silence was soon broken by the sound of a door sliding open slowly. A tall figure emerged from the door and revealed himself to be Bartimus. He was dressed in his robes and held a large book. The man looked tired and angry. "Welcome band brothers." Bartimus' voice was heavy but low as well which was unusual, he was known for having a loud and happy demeanor with a thirst for blood to carry along with it even if he was an old Astartes killer he still loved the thrill of combat.

"Its been a long time since the last raid we once went on but today we have something planned. But we will have to secure a couple of things." Laertes didn't speak and remained quiet as he started to mutter to himself. Bartimus continued to talk: "Today the chaos Gods demand blood and glory on this day. The Apex Nova Oblitorators will once again know victory." Bartimus grew a sharp smile and casted away the angry and tired look. "Laetres and I have founded a large space hulk that holds a valuable man on it and a large scaled warzone.

Images begin to appear in your minds as Bartimus speaks of the space hulk. "A genestealer cult, ork warband, and finally a group of spacers fight over one woman's great and powerful weaponry. Her name is Clementina Maskaly, she has made great weapon cache on this space hulk, at the center of it. The cult wants the weapons so they can destroy more planets effectively and for their tyranid master. The orks truly want a good fight but if they can get their hands on the weapon cache...well lets just say that the warband will be a big problem for us and the imperium. Finally the ship's that collided and became part of the space hulk held only a few that survived. They now live on it and consider it their home, this fight is much more precious to them."

Bartimus leveled the book he was holding to his head as he began to flip through mutiple pages until he soon stopped and grew a smile. He turned the book around and showed you a picture of her. "She is the daughter of a rogue trader and lives a life of adventure and power but now she is stuck in a large battle as her guards and whatnot fight for her safety. You can kill her or take her alive it doesn't matter but get the damned weapons intact!"

Laertes began to speak slowly "This mission is...essential to us...failure is not an option- YOU WILL BE- killed if you fail..." Bartimus closed his eyes and nodded while closing the book as well and putting it by his side. "This mission might will be a hard one but me and Laertes know that the people we send on this mission will succeed."

"You will be entering this space hulk through the opening of it which is where the spacers live, through one of the derelict ship's broken hull. Kill them if you wish or don't but we truly don't care. We also have another mission for the other group who will also need to recover something. The artefact known as Bloody Tooth. It is a dagger that will help us on the task we wish to complete." Bartimus looked at Laertes and nodded as an image began to appear in your minds once again.

"Unfortunately this artefact was discovered by an inquisitor and his group of acolytes. He will need to be killed but we do not know his name or where he is. The dagger was located on the desert planet of Bractus which is also hosted by multiple tribes and is also identified as a death world." Bartimus then leveled the book to his head and began to flip past pages upon pages until he stopped and looked back at the 30 who listened. "Laertes and I have chosen the people that will go on each mission, The ones going to the space hulk will report to the ship's hangar and will use Ganesh's custom made ship to get into the hulk and past the spacer's 'security check'. The ones going on the dagger mission will remain go to the deployment bay and take the drop pods on planetside."

Bartimus then began to bark out names:"Ioana Karth, Mazrim, Sekel Itemar, and Volpex Astrodomious you will go to the space hulk. Report to Ganesh's chambers and receive the ship. Make sure you are ready and may the Gods grant you glory and victory!" Bartimus then flipped through more pages and continued his barking: "Osborn, Juda Bagrosian, Azor Sehkt, and Tilraenen Khaleesi go to the deployment bay and load up in the pods. We will be at the planet in 2 hours so make your time count. Finally the rest of you will go to your chambers and remain here until we call upon you. Good luck battle brothers may the thirst for blood and glory promise you a powerful end in which you remain VICTORIOUS!!!"

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