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Hi guys!
I'm just gonna post my character info here. I will be playing Osborn.

Name: Osborn

Character's Description: Osborn is short and stout, with skin that has been tanned by many years spent outdoors fighting. His eyes are a stormy gray in color, and always full of merriment or amusement. Osborn's hair is a dirty blond in color, cut to midway down the neck. Osborn typically wears a Cameleoline cloak over flak armor, though his clothing changes depending on where he is being deployed. He wears only one piece of jewelry: A circular iron pendent that bears the inscription

"And I saw, from eyes that were not mine.

And I felt, with a fear I could not reason.

They watch us, they invade us.

And keep us happy, committing treason.

To a King we didn't deserve.

To a Son who waits weeping.

That I knew, from knowledge gained while sleeping."

Race: Abhuman (Ratling)

Character's Wargear: Osborn's primary weapon is his needler sniper rifle "Malice". Malice has been modified with a hand carved stock and a scope specifically fitted to Osborn's eyes. Malice also bears several trophies from past kills, including a necklace stolen from the body of one of Osborn's former officers. If he is forced into close range, Osborn uses a hellpistol looted from the body of the Commissar he "Accidentally" killed. For melee, Osborn prefers to use a standard combat knife.

In addition his weaponry, Osborn also carries a Cameleoline cloak which aids in his concealment

Backstory: Osborn originally served in the Imperial Guard as part of the Tanith First and Only regiment, where he served with distinction as a Longshooter. Despite his skill, Osborn was constantly getting into trouble as his commanding officers were strict, and rarely, if ever, turned a blind eye to Osborn and his "antics", which included petty thievery and gambling. The regiment Commissar in particular seemed to take great delight in punishing him for his "insufficient faith". Eventually, Osborn got his revenge on his tormentor, "accidentally" shooting him in the head during a pitched battle.

Although Osborn had eliminated the Commissar and done so with no witnesses that could have possibly connected him to the deed, he was still blamed for the death of the Commissar due to his obvious hatred for the man. Knowing he would be eventually detained and executed if he stayed, Osborn deserted, fleeing the regiment in the dead of night.

Since then, Osborn has served several different groups, proving himself to be invaluable as a sniper and cook. Despite serving Chaos more often than not, Osborn does not really care about Chaos or it's goals. He cares only about himself, and he will happily betray his current employer if the conditions are right.
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