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Default Making CSM Relevant

Just in case the new CSM codex never arrives, or in case it contains nothing more than a bunch of impractical formations (with new tables to roll on!), I have created some minor and balanced tweaks to help the CSM keep up with their Stinking Loyalist brethren:
  • Champion of Chaos: A unit containing one or more model with this rule re-rolls failed leadership tests. All other rules apply, except rolling the Boon table is replaced with "model gains +1 wound on a 4+"
  • Crazed: Fire frenzy no longer immobilizes the unit. The unit may not move or run while Fire Frenzy is in effect, but may still pivot.
  • Siege Crawler: A unit with this rule can move 6", but loses Fleet, while it is immobilized.
  • Thousand Sons: Base unit cost is 120 points instead of 150
  • Land Raider: Can be taken as a dedicated transport by *any* CSM Elite unit, except of course the Helbrute
  • Rhino: Can be upgraded to open-topped for 10pts (just Dremel the damned roof off)
  • Chaos Psychic Focus: CSM gets to pick powers like the Chaos Daemons, and no longer has to generate powers off the stupid CSM tables.
  • Typhus: Has Eternal Warrior
  • Chaos Terminators: Terminator Champion can take upgrades at the same cost as the other Chaos Terminators
  • Defiler: Front armor is now AV13

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