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I will be taking it to a new level, as I'm itching to try something new.

I will be starting my Nurgle department for real now, and I will be painting both old and new models. I liked the new Nurgling theme so much, that I will be painting everything I have in that department, so I removed the paint from the following models:

- 20 x Plaguebearers
- 2 x Daemon Prince
- 1 x Herald of Nurgle

And I supplied them with the following new units:

- 20 x Plaguebearers
- 1 x Herald of Nurgle
- 1 x Great Unclean One (FW variant)

And I will be painting all of it this month. The entire collection looks like this:

For the sake of the challenge, my main submission is my Great Unclean One and the rest of the army is my Nordicus Challenge submussion.
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