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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post

Blurry forge world things and a Mechanicum book on Spider-Man sheets!

Originally Posted by Roganzar View Post
Awesome I always wanted to see a plog on sweet classic Spider-man sheets.
The Fabricator-General approves.
Originally Posted by morfangdakka View Post
Clasiic spider man sheets I got the classic Star Wars. Who has classic He-Man? It's a Heresy sleep over party.
Yeah I'm a Marvel zombie despite me turning 25 in December, also have generic Marvel sheets which were captured in this pic. Two of my major weaknesses, Warhammer and Marvel, anyone wants to discuss Marvel with me have at it.

Anyway, few days of progress, gotta love a week off from work, amazing how progress flys when you have the time.

I posted this in the Heresy Army painting challenge but ill post it here also. The first three of my standard Thallax

Also a reveal one of the things from my blurry FW image last page. I present my newly assembled Krios Venator. The Krios and Triaros are among my favourite tanks in the game -both 30 and 40k-, with the Krios Venator being my favourite of them. I can't wait to paint this, though I wont be doing that untill I've made progress on the rest of my Thallax and Castelax.

Lastly ive finally started painting some of the Skitarii I brought months ago.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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