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Obviously don't know what kind of daemons. Well first comment as always don't expect to negate their saves at all :D. It can certainly depend on what kind of daemons that you are facing the main problem for the green tide would be flamers of tzeentch will certainly burn holes into it, while just about anything nurgle will have a change for slowing down the tide but really apart from flamers and the obvious templates coming out of soul grinders, you won't be slowed but what will you really do? Just take over the lines and claim any objectives which are there.

Also run the tank bustas as fast as you can at any soul grinders which is obvious i supose.

Also one thing i learnt the other week, orks of any kind will murder slanneshy daemons, apart from mega nobs who actually may die from a mob of the fetish daemons. Against the green tide expect a lot of death on the other side.

Thats out all i have to comment

Da Golden Waaagh!

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