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Room for one more?

Character's Name: Ioana Karth

Character's Description: Ioana stands considerable shorter than the majority of the company that she keeps, a mere 5’9”. Her synskin is permanently bonded to her very flesh and her time in the presence of such warp-touched beings has caused it to take on further chameleonic properties. As such, in the field of battle she is able to augment her skin tone to mimic her surroundings in much the same way cameleoline can. However, at rest her skin is a light olive colour, notched in several places with scars, both from training and from operations. Her head is completely bereft of hair with the words “Exitus Acta Probat” tattooed repeatedly in a swirling vortex round the crown of her head. Her eyes are a vibrant green although they are usually hidden being the obscuring lenses of her spy mask. Her fingers end in points, once adimantium studs bonded to her phalanges, which offer no help in combat but allow her to climb with greater ease. Her frame is lean and taut, her muscles built for the most efficient balance between strength and weight.

Character's Race: Human

Character's Wargear: Through many years of exile, Ioana has lost almost all of her original equipment. Her Exitus Rifle was destroyed and the ammunition for her Exitus pistol is hard to come by and it merely kept as a relic in her quarters. Her synskin has permanently bonded with her flesh, taking on additional chameleon-like properties. Ioana still has her Vindicare spy mask, allowing her access to realms of vision humans, and some Astartes, lack as well as the ability to access a veritable slew of information from the sources around her. She has acquired a sniper rifle, which has been modified in order for her to wield it, as well as implanted with a suspensor web making it possible for her to move and fire it, thus keeping up with the mainly Astartes company she keeps. She has a collapsible mono-filament blade. It lacks the brute strength of a chain weapon and has no power field to enable her to slice through the thick portions of power armour. However, it is extremely durable and in Ioana’s hands it is sharp enough to find the weak joints of armour and punch through it none the less. Finally she has a stolen harlequin flip belt, accentuating her already formidable gymnastic abilities further.

Character's Backstory: Ioana’s story begins as most within the Offico Assassinorum, with the Schola Progenium. Like all within the Schola her life was hard and she was constantly being tested. However such a life felt too constricting for Ioana and her tutors frequently disciplined her for slipping her bounds. When she could not escape, she vented her frustrations on her fellow students. In her cohort she was responsible for 32 training injuries and at least 5 deaths in exercises. As she grew and the Schola taught her more methods of warfare, the more difficult her tutors found to control her. Her actions had not gone unnoticed by certain shadowed figures and one day she simply disappeared from her classes, never to be heard from again.

From the Schola she was taken to ancient Terra, the birthplace of mankind, for further training. In the shadowed halls of the Vindicare Temple she spent her time being broken and remade untold times over into an instrument of death. With most of her life spent inside training halls and fighting trial foes, Ioana is finally released on the galaxy at large. Were she a sniper of the Astra Militarium or even the Adeptus Astartes, her deeds would be legendary. Most of the kills she achieved were unrecorded by any save the High Lords of Terra.

It was on a mission that her fate would be irreparably changed. The Emperor’s Tarot had revealed to an Inquisitor called Bartholomew that a captain of a space marine chapter would lead a violent crusade that would cause vast swathes of the Ultima Segmentum to go dark with the light of Chaos. Unfortunately the tarot did not reveal the exact nature of the crusade, nor from which chapter the captain descended. None the less, the risk this threat posed to the Imperium was great enough that the High Lords dispatched Ioana to Golgotha VI to await the captain, who would appear there.

Duly dispatched, she lay in wait for months on end, waiting for her prey. She hid while the world rose into rebellion against the Emperor, her target not yet apparent. It wasn’t until the storm grey cruisers of the Space Wolves appeared and their drop pods descended that she readied her weapon. At the height of the battle, the captain leading the Space Wolves appeared and Ioana put him down, as her mandate demanded. However the battle had reached such a fever pitch that the death of the Space Wolf caused reality to tear asunder and daemons poured out, causing the Space Wolves to fall back and the populace to throw off the shackles of the Imperium. Ioana left whilst this was happening, content that her mission was over and that her masters had weighed the cost of one world against many and made the uncomfortable decision to let this one fall to damnation.

She returned to Bartholomew expecting passage back to Terra. Instead he decried her as a traitor to the Imperium and ordered his men to execute here. What Ioana would never learn was that Bartholomew had orchestrated the death of the Space Wolf captain in order to steal his runic axe, which he had taken from a Chaos Champion he had previously defeated. Bartholomew was a radical inquisitor and sought to study this weapon to find out how turn the powers of chaos against itself. All Ioana knew was that she had been faithful and the Imperium had rejected her.

Fighting clear of the Inquisitors bridge, and killing several of his henchmen, she tried to break free from the ship. As skilled as she was, a whole ship would likely have been too much for her to overcome by herself. As fortune would have it, the Space Wolves had discovered some of Bartholomew’s other henchmen raiding the corpse of their fallen captain and followed them back to the Inquisitor’s ship to reclaim the fallen captain’s wargear. They boarded the ship and in the following firefight Ioana stole a ship and disappeared into the void.

As far as the Imperium was concerned, Ioana was killed in the altercation between the Space Wolves and the Inquisition, her body vaporized in the explosion of the ship. As it was Ioana became an outcast. For a long period of time she continued to exact her own mandates, silencing demagogues and heretics wherever she found them. However, as the months and years drew on and she journeyed more nomadically, she began to resent the Imperium. She had given her entire life to its service and once she had stopped being useful they had tried to kill her.

She transitioned from noble outcast to a mercenary and renegade, a killer for hire regardless of morals. She flitted from warband to warband as her whim dictated. The payments she demanded were materials and sanctuary and whoever could provide that was free to use her services as they liked. Currently, she is in the employ of the Apex Nova Obliterators. Although she now resents the Imperium and takes great joy in bleeding it, she holds those who are slaves to the Dark Gods in contempt. In her eyes they are pawns of powers beyond their comprehension and lack her purity of purpose, although given that most of them are Astartes and could likely break her (if they could touch her) she is very wary about expressing such feelings openly. Instead she simply refrains from partaking in their rituals, keeping to her own rituals of maintenance and training.

Hopefully you don't mind a non-Astartes joining your crew. I am aware that Ioana may sound OP (although I've tried my best not to make it so), which for a normal human she probably it. However, in my head she is not significantly better than a Space Marine. She's probably a better shot and more nimble, but equally a bolt round to the chest a Space Marine could probably survive whereas she would dodge it (well, that or die). I've also toned down her weapons as the Exitus rifle seems several tiers above a bolter. However, a sniper (like scouts have) that she can wield with the same dexterity as Space Marines can wield bolters seemed still in keeping but also about the same tier.

I also wasn't sure if her synsuit counted as one of my four equipment slots. If it does, I'll probably ditch the flip belt, but if not then no worries.

Anyways, let me know what you think.

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