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Character's Name: Volpex Astrodomious

Character's Description:

Standing at just under the average height for a genetically modified super soldier, Voplex's entire body shares a steel shade of grey to it, almost shark-like in appearance. Starting from the top and working our way down, we find long flowing locks of ashen hair framing subdued features with a surprising amount of femininity to them. This fact is outlined by thin eyebrows, soft check bones, full lips and a rounded chin. The only two upsets to this otherwise attractive face would be his eyes, as black as the void without a single hint of an iris or other feature and his teeth. Sharpened to razor-like points, these pearly whites resemble shark teeth in shape, yet snake teeth in how they hook. However, beneath this vestige we find the taint of Chaos, manifesting itself in Volpex's tongue, which as grown to an unnatural length of approximately twelve feet. Covered in hooked, bony barbs, this powerful muscle is able to tear into flesh and even rip lesser armour plating off it's very wearer with ease. Fortunately for onlookers Volpex can almost fully retract this appendage back into his throat, the almost coming from the very tip left out between his lips and just touching his chin with it's blackened flesh.

Moving onto his body, we find toned muscle, flawless skin and uncountable scars all over his body, centred around his abdominal area. Adorning his left and right pectoral muscles are tattoos of two Chaos Gods, their symbols engraved into his flesh to mark him as their servant for as long as he's useful. On his right, we find the cross of Khorne, it's outline coloured a dark gold while the rest is pitch-black. On his left, the symbol of Khorne's most hated foe has seated itself, Slaanesh's mark. Yes it seems Volpex has made the unforunate mistake for worshipping opposite Gods, meaning he has given himself a fixed life span. As once one of the Gods notices him more than the average warrior, so will the other, and the resulting conflict over who gets him as their champion will tear him apart from within his very own body. Oh well, Khorne hasn't noticed him yet and even Slaanesh, while bestowing upon him a mutation, hasn't given him any real attention. Yet.

Next up, Volpex's armour. Starting with the helmet, we find a row of sharp, pointed teeth lining the front and sides. Starting at his ears and wrapping around, the two halves of dental structures met in the middle and fully cover the gas-mask belowA acting as a sort of armour for two, thick tubes that connect to the sides, running along behind the rows of teeth before appearing behind his helmet and connecting into the top of his pack. The only other notable difference in design would be a very strange structure located at the centre back of his head. Like some form of horn, the thick, metal tube has been hollowed out, yet fitted with a rubbery, air-tight seal. This strange alteration's use only becomes apparent when Volpex ties his long hair up and threads it through the hole, allowing his white pony-tail to be showing without it getting in the way of his eyes.

Moving down to his chest plate, we find a largely unchanged piece of armour, coloured a crimson red with dark gold as it's trim. The only change Volpex has made would be a large, double linked chain wrapping around his entire chest, coloured a rusted gold to match his trim. To make up his shoulder armour, he has two identical shoulder pads, also done up in crimson and gold. However, the teeth from his helmet have returned, this time lining the golden trim around the shoulder pad. For symbols, he's simply placed a large Chaos Star on each of the pouldrons. However, at the centre of each Star we find the conflicting symbols of Chaos once again. At the centre of the right Star, there lies the Cross of Khorne while at the centre of the left, Slaansh's mark, once again reminding those knowledgeable of his fixed life span. For upper arm armour, Volpex has almost ornate looking pieces.

The otherwise bland metal has been fitted with spiralling spikes, running down the length of the armour before ending just above the bottom of the armour. These are also coloured gold. His elbow pad is largely unchanged, with three short, black spikes running in a line from the top and bottom, with the centre spike being the longest of the three. These spikes have also made their way onto his vanbraces, which are surprising coloured mid-night black in stark contrast to the rest of his armour's design, where they run in a double line across the top of the armour. These spikes stop just as they get to the wrist brace, where they simply wrap around the armour to create a knuckleduster-esk look. For gauntlets, he has very ornate looking pieces, with each armour segment lined with it's own golden trim, where at the side of each joint it swirls slightly. At his finger tips, the armour extends just a touch further than his fingers actually reach, where they bend into savage claws able to rend flesh from bone. Most notably, all of Volpex's forearm has a damascus steel finish to the metal, making it look much more interesting than it really is.

The most interesting part of Volpex's armour would have to be his middle, his abdominal area. Where there is actually a surprising lack of armour. In fact, aside from the spinal plating connecting his pelvic brace to his chest plate, there is not a shred of metal covering his flesh. Allowing his grey skin, addled with long healed scars and toned muscle, to be seen bare for all his foes to look upon. While some would call this cocky and extremely impractical, Volpex likes to think of it as, ''additional mobility'' to coincide with his very dodge heavy combat style. Although if the amount of scaring on his unarmoured area is any evidence to the fact, he hasn't quite mastered this style of fighting yet.

Making up his pelvis area, we find a fairly standard piece, done up in crimson and golden trim with another round of teeth jutting out from various points along the belt. As for the belt buckle, we find a flat piece of sheet metal adorned with a small, metal skull done up with fangs and sunken eye holes. His thighs are also follow his patter, golden trim with the main bulk of the colour being crimson, along with stubby, black spikes running down the top of the armour. The only outstanding feature would be the loincloth hanging down just below his knees. This tattered piece of 'cloth' is actually the skin of his first kill in name of his new Lords. The faded tattoo of a legendary Space Marine Chapter lies at it's centre, with the barely legible words of, ''We come from the void to ravage the foes of Mankind and to set about the Traitor, the Alien, and the Renegade without mercy, and harrow them in their places of strength'' placed just below said tattoo.

His two pieces of lower leg armour have actually been individually dedicated to the two Gods he worships, one in service to Khorne while the other Slaanesh.

Starting with his right leg, the one made in the name of Khorne, we start with the knee spike. Which is actually something resembling large bull ring, bent slightly into a oval to provide some form of stabbing capability. Connected to a raised ridge running down the centre of the greave, which is actually a large golden arrow pointing downward, there are several lines of teeth coming off from various points down this ridge. Wrapping around most of the armour, save for the back, each line has been set slightly lower than the last, oddly only the bottom row of teeth present. The effect gives off the image of a terrifying, multi-mouthed beast of the Warp. On the outer side, near the top of the armour, we find several pieces of metal infused rope pierced directly into the armour, glinting brightly whenever light hits them at the right angle. Positioned at the end of each varying length of rope, we find a skull. With each one missing it's bottom jaw, the fractured pieces of bone all appear to have deep bite marks across their face, several trenches of mauled bone appearing across the eye-sockets and on the back of the head. For his boot, Volpex has decided to line the edge of this with short, overlapping arrows pointed down. Covering every edge from toe to heel, these triangles actually elevate his height to that of a standard Space Marine and while on metal these small points of traction would make things seem a touch slippy, on softer material they actually give the warrior the perfecting anchoring point for whatever powerstrike he wishes to inflict upon his enemies. Much like most of his armour, this too is coloured crimson with golden trim, the many bolts connecting the arrows to his boot a solid black.

Moving across to the Slaanesh inspired leg, we find a much darker piece of armour. The knee spike has been cut in such a way as to resemble fire, with a set of metal plates at it centre forming a stylized pair of slightly parted lips with a tongue rolled out from between them in a lull to create an image of unseen ecstasy. While the knee spike is painted a mid-night black, the same as his gauntlets and vambraces, the lips and tongue, partly, are coloured a deep blue, with the tongue's colour slowly fading back into a fleshy pink the closer it gets to the lips. Below this, we find roughly thirty small, metal hoops bent into sharp ovals to create a sort of mane just around the bottom of the knee spike. Overlapping one another, they are each coloured slightly different shade of black and blue, oddly colourful for an otherwise strict colour pallet. On the inner side of the leg, we find a small, purple tube connected to his lower thigh and upper side of his calve. This tube pulses with purple energy with every beat of his dual hearts, giving him that extra spring in his step. Covering the main bulk of the armour we find another double linked chain with small, black barbs covering every inch of the chain. Almost like some form of vine. The chain tightly wraps around the entire leg a total number of twelve times, before ending just above bottom of the greave. Connecting this chain to the metal are a set of two long, black spikes, both positioned on the front of the armour, pointing forward before bending back up towards Volpex's body. This chain is coloured rust brown with a hue of dark blue to it, giving it a very organic look. For trim, he's decided to use a deep blue, the same as the lips above while the rest of the greave is mid-night black. This piece too has that damascus steel design to it, only adding to the supposed organic feel.

Almost copying his other boot to a T, the dimly coloured piece has a lining of arrows pointing downward, acting as slits and anchoring points for use in combat. These too are painted mid-night back with dark blue trim, also adorned with that swirling patterned taken from the damascus steel style.

And that is Volpex's armour, overall he's a hair's breath away from a Khorne Berserker with the taint of Slaanesh overtaking a few points here and there.

Character's Race: Astartes (Human)

Character's Wargear:

Volpex's main weapon is an extremely old model of Chain-sword, done up with black teeth, blue trim and crimson casing covering most of the weapon. It's short handle has been wrapped in sullied parchment, taken from fallen loyalists as trophies while the blade's pommel has been fitted with a single, stubby spike, which has been twisted into something basically amounting to an oversized screw.

Taking up his left hand, Volpex wields an incredibly ancient weapon, the Phobos R/017 Bolter rifle. Polished to a shin and kept in working condition to the point of near perfection, this rare weapon has been painted mid-night black with golden trim and very little in the way of actual alternations. Either this is some underlying respect for the old weapon's form, or perhaps he just thinks of weaponry as actual weapons and not ornaments.

As for armour, Volpex still wears his Mark V Heresy Pattern Power Armour taken from his old Chapter, and while he has removed the abdominal plating in favour of additional movement, the suit remains largely unchanged functionality wise with surprisingly well maintained parts. If you were to compare it to that of a fresh of the line suit, you'd be hard pressed to find any glaring differences.

Character's Backstory:

Volpex began life on a Feral World located in the Maelstrom Zone, where land was in the form of small islands scattered across a vast ocean so deep, legend had it if one had lungs big enough they could dive from one side of the planet to the other. Born to a tree-top clan where males were in short supply, tradition ruled all and even though males were highly valuable, they were still required to undergo the rigorous initiation rite. Consisting of heavy manual labour from a young age, their baby fat covered bodies quickly transformed into tightly packed sections of muscle most notable around the upper chest and legs. The final part of their rite, which would finally class them as men along their clan, was to retrieve a single tooth from the island's most dangerous predator, the, ''Golyam Og'iz'' as they called it in their native language.

And so, as the day of final rite came to a head, the barely thirteen year old boys were sent out with maces and axes made of wood and stone in order to combat their foe. Volpex, being a lot smaller than the others, was given the smallest of the weapons to reflect this fact. However, he prided himself on his cunning more than his brute strength, which came in the form of trap making and tracking. So, this skills enabled him to track the monster far quicker than his comrades, having been shown it's tracks the day prior to the outing, which allowed him to arrive at it's lair hours before the other boys. Consisting of a small clearing dominated by a large pool, practically black with how deep it was, the beast's large tracks ended just at the lip of the pool, indicating it was probably more adapted for water life and quite slow on land. This would give him the advantage, as when it came out of the water and killed something, he could easily swoop in, steal a tooth from it's prey's corpse and run off before it even had the chance to spot him. However, it seemed his plan was not to be, as from his tree mounted hiding spot, he spotted bubbles on the waters surface, before a massive grey and black mass surged out of the water...

To say it's claws only dug into the ground, would be an understatement.

Practically tearing out huge chunks of earth as it hauled itself out of the water, the massive fish-like creature slowly raised up to it's towering height and scanned the jungle before it with solid black eyes, Volpex a stunned and terrified boy hiding up in a tree and hoping to whatever Gods there were he wouldn't be spotted. Thankfully, as the creature's large head turned towards his hiding spot, a sudden surge of movement and noise from the tree line caught both their attentions. Charging out towards the beast with weapons swinging, the other boys screamed their warcries and attempted to surround the beast, waving their maces and axes menacingly in some attempt to intimidate the creature. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't seemed impressed.

The next few minutes were filled with screams of agony, as blood was splattered across the ground, painting trees and leaves as the sickening crunch of bone echoed out high into the air. Volpex could only watch, his form frozen in place as he watched organs escape their owners, limbs fly through the air and limply clatter across the ground. But, throughout it all, Volpex not only felt fear, but also a sense of... Serenity. He couldn't understand it, nor wanted to at the time, but the death and anguish in front of him pleased him at some level. The patterns created by the blood painting the ground was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, the scent of fresh meat filling the air exquisite and, despite the forced disgust filling him, he enjoyed watching those fools getting torn apart by their own idiocy. However, like most things in this universe, it ended far too quickly. And as the sated creature slid back into the water, the dark water turning red with the blood still coating it's untouched teeth, the sky blackening and his quest all but finished, Volpex decided to head home. He didn't even bother picking up the sharpened piece of rock resting in-between his legs, he wouldn't need it, the larger weapons certainly didn't help the others...

So as he headed back, clambering through the tree tops in order to escape the creatures that roamed the night, he kept replaying the events of the last few hours in his mind. It wasn't like he particularly wanted to, but for some reason he kept remembering the look on the faces of the dead children as their wondrous plan crumbled around them, and he kept reliving the feeling of absolute power as he watched their bodies get torn apart, even though he wasn't even remotely apart of it. But still, it gave him such a rush to imagine doing it himself that he barely even noticed the roar of fire and scent of burning meat until he was all but surrounded by it.

Snapping to attention as the world around him turned orange, Volpex couldn't understand what was happening as he quickly dropped to the ground, the tree he was previously on transforming into a blaze moments later. Spinning in place as he struggled to figure out where he'd ended up, the young boy somehow managed to regain his barings and charge towards his clan's home. He looked on in horror as the closer he got to home, the more intense the fire got. Fear gripped his heart as he burst through a glowing patch of leaves and found himself at the large collection of barbed tree used as supports for their huts. A scene much like the one behind him greeted him as his home laid in burning rubble before him, the trees and huts, not already burnt, raging with fire as their burning bodies threatened to consume everything.

It was then that Volpex heard something. It wasn't a roar of fire, nor the crackle of wood, but a loud booming noise. This sound was quickly followed by another, then another and another, each one getting louder until he swore it was right behind him. Spinning on his heel and locking his gaze on whatever was causing the noise, he instantly spotted something striding towards him from the flames. He'd never seen anything like it before, a mix of hard and curved lines, every inch shining brightly from all the light around them with a strange symbol on it's shoulder and chest. At a distance it looked near enough human, but those red, glowing eyes positioned at the top of it's body indicated anything but human. Frozen in place as the towering creature stopped before him, it didn't so much as utter a sound as it sharply removed a hand from it's strange weapon, before reeling back it's arm and swinging a balled fist towards his head. The cold sensation of Space Marine armour against his head was all the feeling he could have as darkness instantly overtook his vision, and a deep, rumbling voice speaking in a tongue he couldn't hope to understand sounding down from above him as his body hit the ground with a thud.

A couple years later and we find Volpex aboard the Battle Barge Nicor, in service to the mythic Space Marine Chapter, the Carcharodons Astra, also known as the Space Sharks, and in full Space Marine armour. His new silver skin, black eyes and sharp teeth gifted to him by the Chapter's Gene-Seed. Having undergone intense combat and tactical training to hone his skills into that of a warrior unmatched by even the galaxy's greatest, his body was infused with fury and power only a Carcharodon could hope to achieve, and coupled with his fascination with death and almost pleasure he derived from it, Volpex was not only able to survive the Badab war, but he flourished in it. Every battle he saw was a quick and devastating strike with more blood and carnage each time, his skills as a shock-troop increasing every time he swung his Chain-sword. It was this that made him stand out as a merciless warrior amongst a Chapter of warriors devoid of mercy.

But even with the seemingly endless battles given to him by the war, the number of ways in which he could cut up a foe with his Chain-sword, or blast open their armour one bolt at a time began to wear thin, and he sought new ways to sate his need for death. Soon he went into battle without a helmet, using his sharpened teeth and incredible bite-force to tear out the throats of his enemies and cover himself in their blood. Further still, he began breaking rank and charging the enemy single handedly, shattering their forward line and gutting whoever was even remotely close to him in a shower of blood and gore before his brothers could even lift their weapons. It was this skill in battle, this ferocity, plus his never ending need to kill, that made him something of a legend among his fellow Carcharodons. Yet, some began to suspect his motives for such actions, but by the time they had decided to act upon their suspicions, Volpex had already succumbed to his desires.

Having spent most of his time outside of battle combing the Chapter's library for whatever information he could use to further his killing tactics, he stumbled across something only mentioned once or twice during training, Chaos. From what he understood, Chaos was a power used by the enemies of the Emperor, but that was all he knew. With a desire to learn appearing within him almost as strongly as his desire to kill, he began reading whatever texts or scrolls he could find on Chaos, repeatedly coming across the names, ''Khorne'', ''Slaanesh'', ''Nurgle'' and ''Tzeentch'' within these texts. While the little information regarding the last two hardly interested him, the first two sparked his curiosity. The, 'God of Slaughter' and, 'Prince of Pleasure' seemed to coincide with his own wants and needs almost perfectly. Khorne's ability to slaughter thousands of souls with a mere swing of his blade and Slaanesh's power to take pleasure in even the pain inflicted upon him/herself, the details on it's exact gender were fussy, sung to him in ways nothing the Codex Astartes could ever hope to do. Believing, the ''corrupting'' path to Chaos to be his true destiny, Volpex set about devising a plan to get to the warriors of Chaos.

Several weeks later, the Chaos worshipper in secret found himself strapping into a Thunderhawk, about to set off on a reconnaissance mission to one of the system's outlying moons, supposed to be housing one of the enemy's main communication relays. The perfect place to stage his escape. With the rumble of the ship's engines shaking the entire craft as it lifted off, turning towards the open hanger door before blasting out at speed, Volpex merely sat there and waited. He stared into the glowing red eyes of his former battle brother ahead of him, unknowing to the true thoughts going through his mind as he slowly turned his gaze to the Chain-sword clasped in his hand. With a deep breath, he manually disengaged his brace and revved his weapon.

Several bloody minutes later found Volpex at the helm of the Thunderhawk, his armour stained red and dripping as the torn open bodies of the two pilots laid out beside him, the memory of what he did in the hold still fresh in his mind as he attempted to focus on the flying the ship towards the nearest Warpstorm. He didn't know much about how the Warp worked, but he imagined if it was presented with scene of absolute carnage and thoughts of worshipping the true Gods, it would allow him passage. He watch from the hull mounted camera as the moon he was supposed to be scouting flew past him in the distance, it's occupants unknowing to what they had just dodged. Hours later, long since pasted the time the Thunderhawk should have reported in with a status update, a message came in on the long range vox. It was of Carcharodon origin, no doubt his unit attempting to find out what happened, but despite Volpex firmly believing he was indeed meant to be a warrior of Chaos, he couldn't open the vox and tell his former brothers so. Instead, he simply flicked off the device and diverted all power to the engines. He wasn't running from anything, but for some reason he just wanted to get there faster.

Not soon enough the pulsing purple rift in space that was a Warpstorm appeared ahead of him, it's unnatural pull bringing him in faster and faster to the point at which the engines were hardly doing anything. Tendrils of daemonic energy gripped the craft, enveloping him in the full power of the Warp and flooding his mind with images of horrors and secrets beyond his comprehension, instead of resisting, he gave himself over. Allowing the Warp to probe his mind and soul, to look inside the craft and witness what he had done in it's name. Be it the intervention of some higher power or the mere will of the Immaterium itself, he was left unharmed and allowed to pass through. Where he was spat out right in front of Lucius's ship, he returned power to the vox and hailed them, proclaiming himself as their newest brother in service to the Gods.

Thankfully they didn't decide to blow him up right there and then, otherwise this would be a very abrupt end to Volpex's life...


Ok, finally done with this, AGAIN. Because it wasn't enough to write all this once, I had to lose it all, and re-write it. But ya know what, it was still fun to do.

Anyway, if I've messed up majorly in any of the areas, mainly lore, feel free to tell me and I'll clean them up as best I can.

EDIT: Holy crap! Did not expect it to be this freaking big! Sorry 'bout that! XD

''Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Sk- Oh shut up already! I'm a blasted Noise Marine and you've managed to give me a headache!''

- Random Noise Marine in the midst of a Khorne-Berserker.

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