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Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
Hey Loli, great thread, great work, love the fact you sold led both kidneys to get all that mech goodness. I especially love the weathering on the raider and the worn metallic finish on your mech stuff. Cookie me thinks most deservedly
Originally Posted by morfangdakka View Post
Wow, Loli great stuff Admech is a dream army of mine to build but I lack the funds at the moment.
I think I will just have to look at yours while I touch myself tonight and dream.
Originally Posted by Roganzar View Post
Keep it up Loli. Those blessed machines are looking great.
Eventually I'll get some of those things for my Admech army.
To all of you thanks and much love, and whoever rated this thread 4 stars, thank you very much. To even get such feedback, makes me happy even though I'm so critical of my own models.

Let Loli tell you a story. When I was an even younger Loli and first getting into the game during 4th edition, me and my friends all went to GW after two of us had gone to the beginners day a few days prior - was brilliant Ultramarines trying to get to a beacon before being overrun by 'Nids - each beginner had a 5 man marine squad to use as they wished, i gloriously charged my marines at a Carnifex to buy the other beginners time. Should have been there, I got mulched but I fought to the last marine I tell you! - anyway we all picked up our codices for our armies, I brought Firewarriors, Stealth Suits and a Commander all because they didn't have the Battle Sisters in Stock. We all went home to build and paint, I had chosen Mithril Silver scheme with Ice Blue and Pink on the weapons and plates. It was beautiful I tell you! Following weekend the four of us booked a table and went for a game, my Tau along side IG against Tyranids and Orks. We were all getting into it, people were watching. Then when one of my turns was over and I was removing my fallen Vespid from the table I started listening to the people who were near me. And they were laughing and commenting rather harshly regarding my painting and my awesome scheme of pink blue and silver. After hearing that my heart wasn't in the game, I list went home and didn't bring my models to the GW store for about 5 years. Creating this Plog last year was my attempt to build up confidence in my painting, even though I know I'm not the best painter and know I never will be, so to read all your comments really means a lot.

@morfangdakka , as honoured that I am to know you're touching yourself to my work, bear in mind I'm a Cyberborg Loli so my work could reach out and grasp your appendages rather tightly but unintentionally. So bear that in mind while touching.

@Roganzar , your painting puts my own to shame, so I can't wait to see what you do with these gorgeous models.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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