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Originally Posted by Captain_Loken View Post
I have to add to this as I'm finally getting to the Night Lords books and finished the first one and I'm half way through the second book.

I seriously disliked Soul Hunter. The story line was great, and quite unique. Not too fond of the main character, but I can look past it. I feel that the execution of the writing could have been way better. Unfortunately, even looking past the horrendous grammatical errors on almost every page, the style of writing put me off.

So, after reading this one, I almost just gave up and continued on with the stack of books that I intend to read. I thought long and hard after I got a decent .mobi of Ahriman:Unchanged that was finally available to download. I decided to continue on and give Blood Reaver a try. I couldn't understand why ADB wrote like that, as I read The Talon of Horus and absolutely loved it. Luckily, Blood Reaver is written much better, maybe not as good as everyone says, but I understand now where the mixed reviews that I read, when I first posted this thread, came from.

Another thing I want to mention, but I don't remember if anyone told me (I have a condition... from combat) when I asked about what books the Red Corsairs were in, I don't think I heard they were in Blood Reaver. I doubt they're big in it, but I've never read about them, and ADB's portrayal of them is quite humorous.

Sorry, but I was hoping to get some individual reviews on the individual novels. What do you guys think are the good qualities of each one, and what about some of the things you think could be changed?
The gildar rift have a major focus on Huron Blackheart, as well the short story the Tyrants champion.
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