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Character's Name: Juda Bagrosian

Character's Description: Bagrosian is a little taller than average for an Astartes. His eyes are jet black, his complexion very pale. A puckered, zig-zag scar typical of a chain blade runs from his chin across his left cheek and through his ear. His armour is a mish-mash of different marks, adorned in the usual style of the Night Lords, midnight blue adorned with the skins and skulls of various races, most prominent of which is the face of his former squad sergeant stretched across his chest plate. His right leg is a bionic below the knee, with the foot a stylised raptor's claw.

Character's Race: Night Lord (Astartes)

Character's Wargear: A battered but reliable bolter, bolt pistol, and skinning knife. He also carries a collection of grenades, some clearly xenos in origin, the effects of which even Bagrosian is not quite sure of.

Character's Backstory: Bagrosian was amongst the first crop of Night Lord aspirants recruited from Nostramo. His career in the preHeresy legion was most note worthy for just how little there was of note to it. He served during the Great Crusade with complete ignominy as part of the 19th Chapter under Balthasar Sul. Over the years, many of his squad mates were promoted over him, much to his dismay and resentment, even though he was more than willing to hang back and let his squad mates take the lead when in action.

Bagrosian missed the slaughter on the killing fields of Istvaan V after he provoked one of Sul's cadre of veterans while in the practice cages only days before the attack. The veteran taught him a lesson by chopping off Bagrosian's right leg below the knee with his chain axe, and leaving a more conspicuous scar on his face. He did take part in the Thramas Crusade, and post Heresy fought in various warbands such as the Night Wings and Hodir's Reavers.

One thing that became apparent both during and after the Heresy was his uncanny ability to survive. Several times over the years he managed to be the sole survivor of his squad, sometimes through circumstance, but more often at the expense of others. This led to him being seen as a Jonah-type figure of ancient Terran myth, bringing nothing but bad luck to those that served alongside him. This led to many warriors refusing to accept him into their ranks, and eventually led to him joining a fledgling warband led by a traitor chapter master named Bartimus. He made himself valuable to Bartimus by unquestioningly carrying out many distasteful and underhand tasks, as well as reporting any sign of dissent or treacherous attitudes amongst the warband.

With the rise of Laertes, Bagrosian did his best to seamlessly slip into a similar role for the new warlord, but Laertes was fully aware of what Bagrosian was capable of, and while he would use Bagrosian's willingness to carry out similar underhand tasks that Bartimus used him for, he would never let him close enough to become part of his inner circle.

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