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The inside of his helmet blinked a faint warning that the air here was radioactive. The heavy weight of the ionising cloud hung on the Destroyers like a shroud. Personally Tiberius had never cared much for the Destroyer cadre of his own legion, but the one of the Death Guard were brutally efficient. Also, with the whole planet burning, bleeding and radioactive, his concerns about wholesale slaughter and the aftermath of such weaponry hardly seemed important.

The charges detonated and another layer of dust coated his purple armour. The blood and ash dulled the vibrant purple but didn’t entirely blot it out. He wanted his brothers to know who killed them. He nodded in approval at Sebastian. Despite Krateron’s protest Tiberius was sure they had made the best decision. However the best in this scenario did not mean it wasn’t still lethal and quickly their rag-tag force was on the move again.

The signs of the native populace’s deluded rebellion marked the walls and Tiberius scoffed quietly at the absurdity of it. There were no god, no higher powers. The Emperor had taught them that and all else was madness and folly. The channel itself looked more like it had naturally formed rather than been forced and statue seemed to be part way through pulling themselves out of the walls rather than having been carve into the wall. It was odd, but he had seen Eldar psykers work their peculiar wraithbone in the same. Not being a genetic mistake the exact whys and wherefores of sorcery eluded him, but Tiberius imagined the same feet could be performed on normal stone and the Isstvanians certainly had psykers.

The quickly reached a terminus of multiple tunnels. Morturg ordered them down a tunnel with a word “Enemies.”
“Hands and blades.” Can the other order from Centurion Darr. Quite right too. With their only known escape route sealed, they did not want to have to fight a protracted battle down here. The tunnel they went down had many crystal outgrowths and twisted at odd angles. It almost reminded him of Laeran. The heavy tread of footsteps was not far off.

He was sure they would be World Eaters. Only the dogs would check the warrens. He spoke in a whisper. “We need a distraction. Akkad and Besnik fight Kyros. The rest of you, behind the crystals. When they come, they’ll aid their brother…” Or they’ll want to kill him first. In either case, 3 Astartes already killing each other wouldn’t raise an alarm. “…and when they come past us, gut them.” Between the three of them simultaneously turning to fight and the other 6 of them appearing, they won’t have time to react. “Oh, and Akkad. Try not to hurt him, eh?”

Whether by choice or because it was the only plan and they had no time to argue, everyone moved into position, Tiberius at the front to attack the very rear. Tiberius heard the chainaxe roar and the crash of steel on steel. He kept his phoenix spear deactivated, not wanting the light or noise to give him away between the shards of crystal. The exquisite blade would be enough to strike through the neck joint of his foe. He forced his hearts rates to slow to a crawl and activated his multi-lung, silencing his breathing.

In quick order a tactical squad came running past him, three abreast at the front, two abreast in the middle two rows and three abreast at the back. When the last man was just past him, Tiberius stepped out. He swung his phoenix spear, the full explosive power of his Astartes physiology behind the blow. He aimed it so it should cut cleanly through the neck of the one closest to the wall and into the middle Astarte, hopefully severing two heads whilst the third was dealt with by his partner opposite. With any luck, the rest would be as efficient and the entire squad would drop silently…

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