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I'll get in on this.

Character's Name: Azor Sehkt

Character's Description: Tall with copper toned skin and long reddish-black hair, Sekht has a noble aspect and could easily appear on the side of a coin. His body and face are unmarked by tattoos or scars, his eyes however glow in the same kaleidoscopic tones as the unfiltered Empyrean. Sehkt wears ornate Power Armour twisted by the Warp. Cerulean blue lined with a rich gold and silver, the armor is covered in scripts from languages across the galaxy, both mortal and daemonic, that writhe and twist as he chants incantations. A half-cloak made of shimmering Daemon-hide hangs from his right shoulder while a half-robe made of rich Prosperine silk hangs from his belt falling around his legs. His helmet is crested by a pair of silver horns, while the faceplate of his helmet bears only a single glowing green eye.

Character's Race: Astartes (Thousand Sons)

Character's Wargear: Sekht wields a Force Weapon styled as an ancient Guan Dao, which acts as both staff and sword, the blade itself is obsidian black and seems to suck the life essence from the air around it. A grimoire of spells and True Names is hidden beneath his half-cloak, something that very few are allowed to see. At his back march two Rubric Marines, supposedly the remaimder of his elite guard from his days as a Thousand Sons Captain. (Force Glaive/Grimoire/Pair of Rubric Marines - Four Slots)

Character's Backstory: Sekht was born and raised on Prospero during the time of Magnus the Red. Taken at a young age for the Thousand Sons Legion, Sekht was found to be a talented battle-magus with the ability to channel his body's natural energy outwards in devastating waves of power and thus was raised to the Pavoni. Over time he was elevated to Captain of the 87th Battle Company and won several compliances for the nascent Imperium of Man, on several occasions fighting alongside other Legions including the Blood Angels, Sons of Horus, Iron Hand and the Death Guard, the lattermost an incident that was unpleasant to all involved and never spoken of again. Sehkt was present at the Nikea Edict and was one of the most vocal against it, believing the ban a waste of humanity's natural talents and a moment of hypocrisy for the Emperor that claimed he was not a God yet dared dictate what humanity could aspire to and what they could not. Later Sehkt took part in the ritual that attempted to warn the Emperor of Horus's treachery, and later the resulting Razing of Prospero; where Sekht killed ninty-three Space Wolves, including two Jarls and eleven Rune Priests (to this day he still wears the totem chains he tore from those eleven wolves.) After the Legion was taken to Sortiarus Sehkt remained for a time, but shortly after the Rubric of Ahriman was enacted (an event he survived) he left the homeworld after learning that Magnus the Red had allowed the Space Wolves to invade, now believing Magnus to be a craven whose masochistic desire for punishment hurt his Legion even more than it did himself. Taking a small group of Rubricae with him, he roamed the galaxy hunting for a purpose as well as any opportunity to hurt the Imperium that betrayed his brothers. A purpose that to this day, eludes him.


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