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Originally Posted by MagpieKnight View Post
If my character seems a little overgeared I might drop the psyker stuff, change the force sword for a combat knife and just roll as an operator character. Eventually though as my character falls further into Tzeentch's favor (or just his schemes) if it's cool with the GM I could develop low level psyker abilities. What do you guys think?
I'm cool with it. I think it might even play a better RP if you were to 'learn' new things as you go.

That being said, I think we are starting to have a well rounded group! I'm waiting to see the character with the termi armor and combi bolter. If that would allowed, I would think we would be good to go!

(I can count as an assault marine, but if we have a specifically geared one, that would be cool too.) I hope my guy doesn't seem too over powered.

I am anxious to see how Darkreaver's character plays out.

Also, you said you wanted at least 6, now is that a hard number or can we start before that, just in case we don't get many more people to join?

One more question, are you auto approving these characters? Or would you like use to tweak things here and there for your benefit (a reference) later on. Like more detail and what not.

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