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Well day off work, hobby progress! Just a single model but hey its something.

Started up on the first of my Castelax, largely finshed up, need to settle upon a base, but I'm still yet to decide on a basing scheme for this army. Got to admit, the more I paint of these the more sad I am that it took me months to get around to finally painting them all. I brought all this back in June I think but only got some of it glued and none of it painted - I still have 3 more Thallax and 2 more Castellax to build up let alone paint -, whats worse I actually ordered more on Friday evening. Even though these models will never see the gaming table because of my local GW managers views on FW -let alone 30k- these are still my favourite army and I'm glad im finally getting around to it after work has been delaying me.

Went with silver instead of black on this Castellax, since when I was sponging my Thanatar I still had some black popping through so I had to cover up with a brush went I started using Rust and Oxide, I like the randomness of sponging, but I just couldn't garuntee the black being covered. So since ill be sponging silver anyway hopefully anything thats left showing will just fit right in.

Here we with a photo of what it looks like with a day of doing it, closer to my Thanatar now. Mini-bot!!!!

A second pic to show off the progress of my two mostly finished models.

2nd Castellax built up.

My first 3 Thallax Chohort sprayed.

Lastly I've managed to get some paint on my Magos.

Edit: Cant believe I've gotten this Plog to page 5, didnt think it would make it to page 2, let alone 5. Woo!!!!

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