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Default New to Space Marines : Need some help

I just joined the forum and made a thread in the introductions section. I want to play Space Marines, I think I will do a homemade chapter though Black Templars are my favorite. But as a new player I don't know how Space Marine armies function. Not sure if I should have a dedicated army that specializes in one thing or having a wide mix of units. I don't even have a codex yet or really understand all the rules. So I am just looking on GamesWorkshop's site to see what is available. I have been told that SM are a more shooting army over melee.

So I am not sure how I want to build my force which will probably be small since I am starting new. Even though I am using a homebrew chapter, if I need to I can substitute HQ units right? Meaning say i really like the model of the Chaplain but I want Marneus as my Hq. Can I use the chaplain but give him Marneus' stats and gear?

As a total noob, in my head I am thinking of having 2 tactical squads, 1 hq unit (don't know what's good) 1 devestator squad, and I don't know how good dreadnoughts are but they look pretty sweet. I have read online that SM assault units are very poor (since most people claim SM are a shooty army)
I don't have a ton of money and honestly don't feel like spending $100 on a single tank. How well would an all infantry army be at under 1500pts?

Would you mind giving a new player a sense of direction because I feel very lost lol With all these weapons like meltas, flammers, etc I don't know what they excel at.
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