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Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
How condescending. Did I say the book was perfect? No. It isn't.

But there were a fair few good things to like about it. The depiction of Chaos for one was brilliant, the Red Angel was a great character and concept, Sanguinius' relationship to his Legion and his choice of how to deal with the Flaw was very interesting, Mkani Kano and Meros were memorable and likeable characters (particularly Kano as I always wondered how a Librarian would feel about being demoted back to foot soldier), and Sanguinius's confrontation with Ka'Bandha and Kyriss was epic.

That and unlike most here, I don't hate James Swallow.

By here, I mean Heresy Online.

I think you gave it a very glowing review...your taste is your prerogative...it's just very different from mine

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