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Default Power Amrour Adaptability

So just another random question for me, as always trying to stir you all into some sort of fervor to see everyone's opinion.

Question or scenario today concerns the ubiquitous power armor, the most recognizable thing from 40k the imposing silhouette of a marine armored and armed to the teeth.

Power armor itself is certainly on of the most adaptable things apart from the old imperial guard leman russes which seem to have a variation of each roll and then of course the old rhino and chimera chassis. But back to the point the armor with what seems to be fairly little hassle can have what would seem to be quite major changes made rapidly e.g. attaching a jump pack instead of the standard reactor, swapping out the standard armored gauntlet for a power fist, or even in the case of damage pieces can be efficiently swapped for others without hassle. With these and many others the marines can easily arm and armor themselves as need without the need to swap to completly different armor such as tactical dreadnaught armor well even concerning terminators I assume the centurion additional plates and hydraulics is not a huge upgrade just needing the armor to be matched and assembled (same with dreadknight armor).

So the question is what is the best change that can be made to the armor without need to major alterations? Or is there an alternative that probably be easy to implement?

Personally I'm quite liking the idea of thrusters (similar to halo 4, but more compact and limited than jump packs) used to increase lateral movement, if combined with the already insane speed of the marine it would increase their effectiveness tenfold. Ability for dodging fire more effectively than just hiding behind terrain, possibilities for use with leaping or jumping against walls for limited wall running? Imagine the inertia and momentum of a marine sprinting at you, dropping his shoulder for a ram the thrusting ahead with great speed? Even standard bolter marines would benefit.

That is all. any thoughts?

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