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Several Death Guard Breacher Marines hurry away from the tunnel entrance. Clouds of lingering radiation caused by the rad-weaponry of the Destroyer Marines can still be picked up by your helmet sensors, ghost-crawling into the Catacombs with you.

The four colors of each Legion stand side by side here, along with the black and red of Decima and his minions.

Tiberius and Sebastian nod to one another, glad that the acumen of the Emperor's Children led to a quick and smart decision.

Akkad Krateron stands behind them, perhaps reluctantly, but once again with little choice if he wished to survive.

The Breacher charges detonate, sending a shockwave through the crowd, and rubble pitter-pattering over the ground, and into your boots. The tunnel entrance sealed.

In the midst of the group Lieutenant Morturg stares at an auspex scanner, and beside him Decima studies a topographical device. The radiation interferes with much of the available technology, and even the walls of the Catacombs here seem to be made of material that dulls radio frequency and scanner efficiency. The local heretics actually tried to hide their blasphemy once, it seems. Fortunately, this means the World Eaters above will have a hard time picking up your own movements as well.

In the coming moments, Morturg and Centurion Darr (I think I may have made a mistake about his rank before. If so, this is Shabran's actual rank) would truly begin the rise to their future legacy as masters of ambush.

The tunnel entrance leads to an expansive chamber full of shrines made from stonework that looks like it could have twisted itself into shape rather than have been carved by human hands. Statues were sunk halfway into the chamber walls, some the ground...or perhaps they were half emerged from these areas. From this expansive room, a dozen tunnels and hallways are linked. As off-putting as the structures are, they serve a well-enough purpose for you at the moment.

Seemingly based more on a sixth-sense than what the scanners were reading, Shabran and Morturg begin sending groups of their men in different directions.

'Enemies.' Morturg says over the vox.

'All directions.'

Simply due to habit of following orders from superior officers, you all follow Shabran Darr's grouping of you together down one of the tunnels.

'Hands and blades.' He says, and moves down an adjacent tunnel with a gang of his dirtied World Eaters. Morturg sends a trio of his, led by a Sergeant Muzg, to assist you.

Tiberius, Sebastian, Akkad, Besnik, and Kyros: All five of you are together with two Death Guard NPCs, as well as Brother Darius. Your group is responsible for making sure that any Traitor forces that come down your assigned tunnel die instantly and quietly. The tunnel is not straight, it twists and turns somewhat and it can fit two to three Marines shoulder to shoulder depending on the section. Their are several growths of crystal and stone throughout it to hide behind. A full ten strong tactical squad of World Eaters runs through your tunnel. It only takes a blink or two for them to warn comrades, or a quick shout on their vox channel. You would do well to collaborate, as failure in your task of stealth is certainly possible.

Tyrus and Xaren have been put on hold. Please PM me if you wish to change this.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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