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Originally Posted by Adrian View Post
She was not even supposed to have been here. Her determination pushed her harder than any other and she refused to quit. Now she lay in the knee deep snow freezing and black from frostbite. She was tired and dyeing but still she crawled leaving a trail of blood. A horn sounded. It seemed so distant, so far away.
Yeah. I like her already. She's so tough she can even practice her textile skills while running a Trial!

You were a little vague though in this section. I'm still not sure if she's dyeing wool or linen. Wool would be the most likely, since I'm not sure she could grow any flax, and I wouldn't put it past her to shear and card her wool before spinning it out during her Trial, but linen? That'd be a challenge.

(ok, bad i know, but i just couldn't pass it up! )

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