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Default What Actors for what Primarchs?

I know this is something that is tossed around a lot but its actually quite a cool idea, I think that;

Angron - Jason Momoa OR Ray Winston
Lorgar - Ralph Fiennes
Jaghatai Khan - Tadanobu Asano
Leman Russ - Vladimir Kulich
Sanguinius - Orlando Bloom
Roboute Guilliman - Aaron Eckhart
Rogal Dorn - Steven Lang
Vulkan - Idris Elba
Fulgrim - Jason Isaacs
Lion el Johnson - Chris Hemsworth
Konrad Curze - Havier Bardem
Corax - Jake Gyllenhaal
Perturabo - Joequin Phoenix
Ferrus Manuus - Liev Schreiber
Motarion - Mark Strong
Magnus - Mark Ruffalo
Horus - Nicholas Cage - Haha just kiddin, Vin Diesel

So, what do you think? And what of the other main HH characters? Please leave comments I'd love to know what you think.
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