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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Nah. Not all that interested in Age of Sigmar for the time being. I had a vague interest in Warhammer Fantasy as it was, but I really did enjoy the rich world, background and setting, immensely looking forward to the Total War game. But from what i've seen of Age of Sigmar. Nah.
I did actually mean WHFB novels as well, but I saw the AoS novels in my email.

Have you read any of the WHFB novels at all or did you just not get into those either?

It seems like a ton of people feel that way. I really liked WHFB over 40k because of the magic you could use and win an entire battle from it. Now 40k has the Psychic phase and pretty much does the same thing and it got rid of WHFB all together. Big bummer.

I just figured since I read a ton of the 40k novels, maybe the WHFB novels were just as good.

What I like is that some of the heros of Chaos actually show up in the 40k universe, after tens if not hundreds of thousands of years.

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