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Default Versus Jump Infantry

This week we;re doing something different. Rather than pick a specific unit like Raptors or Veterna Assault Squads or Stormboyz, I figured I;d see what tactics work against Jump-Packers in general.

They move 12" and buzz over terrain, but are hosed if they have to land in it, Jump Infantry generally have to put terrain in between you and them to use it effectively, as opposed to simply holing up in a piece of area terrain like a standard infantry unit could.

Their speed makes them able to close in very fast, without being encumbered by transports...this makes them ideal Assault units. Indeed, except for Tau (whose Jet Packs are a whole different kettle of fish) just about all Jump Infantry tend to be assault-oriented. These are the ones we're going to cover.

So what are your tips and tricks for taking down Jump Infantry?

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