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Default Fear the Walking Dead

Who's watched it so far? I know it hasn't aired on this side of the Atlantic yet, but I have watched the first two episodes through alternative means, and have enjoyed it.

I know some people thought the first episode was boring, but I really liked the fact that we were seeing it all from the very start, and understood we had to see just how ordinary and mundane the characters were, setting it up for how they would react later on, without any of them being cops, or former soldiers, or crazy survivalists with an armoury in their basement. They are just a rather boring middle class family with all the baggage that many of us have dealt with in real life. Unless Travis does a Michelle Pfeiffer and goes all USMC on the zombies asses over the next couple of episodes.

The second episode really showed how quickly society can go tits up without people actually knowing why it's happening. I remember listening to a sociologist years ago saying that we are only two missed meals away from social breakdown, and this episode reflected that sentiment nicely.
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