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Default Wraithblades in DE army for newbies

Hi all,

I am veery slowly building an army of DE. To make things clear, my last updated armylist was for 6th ed. It had archon + 4 incubi in a Venom, 3 trueborns with dark lances, 5x blaster warriors in a venom, 5x warriors with a blaster in a raider and a ravager. This was a mini-list for 750pts games.

Now I am thinking of extending it to 1000, or, why the hell not, even 1250pts. I also wanted to use some of my spare eldar boxes along with it. From everything that I've read from the recent tactics articles, eldar jetbikes are the new venomspam? And I can unleash wraithblades from a DE portal?

So, here's a number of questions, the 1st one being the most important:
1) Wraithblades - swords or axes + shields? I'm a newbie and thus I'm looking for a "usually working" build that I will or will not tweak once I understand what I'm doing. =)
2) Farseer + windrider jetbikes + waithblades, or spiritseer + wraithblades?

Sorry for the messy question, I'm still looking for a decent way to understand what I'm dealing with.

Thanks in advance!

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