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Default Recreating Calth

Hi guys, I've been planning collecting some HH legions for a while now - I already have about 2000pts of Ultramarines and I would like some Word Bearers and World Eaters to create a Calth/Ultramar war theme. My Ultramrines Army consists of;
sicaran battletank
2 praetors
5 mkII tactical marines
5 mkVI tactical marines
5 mkIV assault marines
5 Cataphracti terminators
Roboute Guilliman
And finally a WIP scratch build of a Fellblade

So, bearing in mind I'm a fan of HH fluff and characters like Argel Tal, Delvarus and Angron, what should I get to match my Ultramarines force in the style of each respective Legion - I'm guessing the world Eaters would be all about assault but I'm not sure - please feel free to give me your thoughts on what I should consider.
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