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Originally Posted by Myen'Tal View Post
I will say this, though I have been guilty of it myself. When the dwarves are talking about the titan slayer simultaneously, you may find it better if you just left all that in the description of your paragraph. A couple of voices with no owners may detract from the reading. Some might disagree, which is okay, it's just my opinion. See what works for you
I've been taken to task, and watched others as well, when trying to give some background for creating an 'info dump', and putting the reader to sleep. Of course, I've never tried to write dialog of a room full of overlapping conversations either.

My concern with a paragraph, even a quick one, is that a clinical description would be the result, and I want to illustrate the disdain and revulsion dwarves feel for any slayer. In addition to the simple fact that there isn't anything like a Titan Slayer. The weakest gargant is the Mekboy Gargant, and it would take a either a Warlord detachment, or a full bezerker support card plus it's hearthguard to drag one down. Even with rerolling 1s and 2s as a single successful round of close combat probably wouldn't stop the dang thing.

My eon's old view of the slayers from when we played the WHF RPG, was that the slayer is looked down upon because they are, in a dwarf's view, cowards. Would rather die than deal with/ face their problems, and cloak that fear in death by combat (sorta like suicide by cop).

What about giving faces and emotion to the crowd? Or does that just add to the confusion? There is also doing the description narrated in thought; "So-and-So thought about the slayers and their cowardice. Fallen dwarves who could not face their failures and sought death instead. Blah, blah, blah. Yada yada."

Which would fit best? Omniscient descriptive paragraph, In-Character silent pondering description, or adding emotion and faces to the mumbling of those gathered?

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