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It was an interesting game to be sure!

The eldar player dropped out at the last minute so it was just AM to deal with. He ran an all tank list, Pask, vets in chimeras, wyverns and a couple of sentinels (can't remember the full details I'm afraid!)

Overall ended up as a narrow victory to the wolves and ad mech, 7-6 with first blood giving us the edge.

Thunder wolves are thunder wolves, they tanked pretty much all that headed their way, requiring focus fire from every one of his units to take them down. This gave everything else the wide berth they needed to deal enough damage.

Rest of the space wolves did their job really, nothing interesting to report. They stuck around, absorbed fire and dealt a good deal of damage. The Stormwolf met a sticky end thanks to a lucky snap firing meltagun, taking out the occupants in the resulting explosion.

The dominus and breachers performed well, taking out three tanks before meeting their fate (demolisher cannon to the face). Main issue I saw with the breachers though was their bs3, my friend was lucky with his rolls but having only 6 shots with a weapon which can at best disable rather than destroy a vehicle isn't fantastic. He's wondering whether to go destroyers with grav instead, but then of course you are completely relying on 6s to do anything against vehicles, changing their preferred target.

Infiltrators did well to cause some disruption for a turn thanks to their aura, but after causing some of his tanks to go down to BS2, Pask decided they had overstayed their welcome. In theory they could do quite well, but seem very flimsy for a high priced unit.

The transuranic arquebus' were very interesting, but not very effective, dealing the odd hull point here and there but nothing game changing. It's obvious you need to field them in high numbers to get any real benefit. Its that AP3 which is a serious problem, they make out this weapon is for hunting tanks but make it so that it can only disable a tank. In an army which can field haywire they feel so out of place.

Overall, an interesting list, it has certainly make me think about including some ad mech in my own collection. My mate has been spurred on so sure he'll keep going and expand. I think vanguard with arc rifles were next, and then some destroyers for his cult mechanicus.
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