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Originally Posted by cccp View Post
false again, and in this case i use WWII italy and germany as my example. both facist states, not communist. your argument simply doesn't stand up. its unreasonable to think of socialism and capitalism in terms of good and bad. left wing countries dont just hiccup into communist dictatorships, just like right wing ones don't hiccup into facism. its simply not the case at all.

there are a variety of reaasons why a country becomes a dictatorship, not just what side of the spectrum they are. this kind of theory sounds like the domino theory to me, and we all know how rediculous that sounds now.
I do believe I mentioined both communist and dictatorships ["facist states"](Which you ponit out germany and italy fall under). One could say that socialism is "bad" for this country and that capitalism is "good" for this country. In that respect good and bad can be used. And no you just dont wake up one day and your country is communist. It is one thing leading to another.
Dominoes hardly, more like a slow progression. Like a frog in hot water. You throw a frong into boiling water it'll jump right out. However, place him in colc water then slower turn up the heat. The frog will be dead before it knew what hit him.
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