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i firmly believe that the new movies (which as it stands looks like a minimum of six at this point) wont disappoint, obviously i can say without any doubt in my mind that i will love them,i dont even need to watch them to know that, they could show 12 hours of the cast calling my mum a funny smelling whore and that my nan walks backwards and i will still cherish every minute, but im a total fan boy, and im not talking fair weather fan here, i mean i love the prequels and i own the ewok films and the cartoons (including importing the lost missions because they were not released in the UK), Plus i have books, comics,toys, pictures,tshirts,my rubber duck is "quack vader" and a loft of related crap a care not to name and the only game app on my S6 edge is Star Wars Commander, so im biased to say the least, i scour the net daily looking for information about the new movies and related stuff,i know when and what hasbro are releasing and lego and cover girl...

im not showing off, or claiming im a bigger fan than anyone here, but the main reason i think these films will be great is because they are being made by other "Fans", dont get me wrong i love george lucas, the man is a legend,what he started is amazing, his real talent isnt screen writing or even directing, its the ability to find and use talented people to bring star wars to life, hes a great ideas man, he knows whats cool.

Star wars is now in the best hands, Disney have pulled off what was considered impossible, they bought the rights before Lucas dies,they managed to reassemble the original cast, they managed to get JJ Abrahams to direct it and Lawrence Kasdan to help write it.


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