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70 is ~$150 CAD, I'd expect it to be about there unless there's just a ton of models in it. Dark Vengeance is $130 and has snap together models and Shield of Baal Deathstorm was $150 with 'normal' models.

If this is indeed around the $150 mark I may just have a 30k army in the works! My biggest problem: what Chapter to do...

Rumoured to be in the box:

2x 10 man Tactical squads
Captain in Power Armour
Captain in Cataphractii Termiator Armour
Cataphractii Terminators
Veteran/Specialist squad

A healthy start to any collection of muhreenz!

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

40k Army Projects

Industrial Table WIP

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