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Originally Posted by Charandris View Post
Sorry I don't understand the relevance of the post? What does he have to do with glade riders?
I'm sure he's no match for nagash or a bloodthirster either, but that's because he's a different beast.
It's a release which doesn't improve the game at all. It's a model that has no effect on the meta. If you're not fast Cav (particularly Glade Riders, the strongest unit in the game; because 20" Shooting range, with Move and Shoot with a 2A/4+/4+/-/1 weapon on a unit with 14+D6" movement?).

It would be like 40K being released with Lords of War for the Imperials only with no ability to counter them. Or the maximum strength of weapons being limited to S7, with no armourbane, lance, melta, haywire, rending or gauss to help, and keeping Land Raiders at AV14.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
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