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Originally Posted by Treesnifer View Post
Here ends Chapter One.

We have met, albeit briefly, our heroes, or at least the main ones. Don't worry, more faces are on the way. With a bit of luck, this will wrap up within five chapters. Double the original length I outlined sadly.

Thanks again for all the feedback I've received so far. I really do appreciate it. This next post will be an interlude, and there will be a bit of a wait for it. I need to do this next piece from scratch. Chapter 2 will post quickly as it's mostly rewritten.

Till the next post!

---Snif (short for Treesnifer)
Interesting learning the lore of the squats, the berserkers are kind of like Dwarven slayers from fantasy.

I enjoyed reading the first chapter a lot. A colorful cast of cast of characters with a lot of personality to them. Well done. I think there were one or two missing words from the latest update, I'm on my phone now or else I'd point them out. Doesn't really detract from the story itself, though. Keep it up .

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