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Callow Youth:

Back in the days when I was a callow youth I did so covet a FW Baneblade and to that end I started this scratchbuilt version. I also attempted to convert an Armorcast Baneblade (Note that it still sports the original Armorcast tank treads) model into the more aesthetically pleasing and highly detailed version of the Forgeworld model with the result seen below:


The large caliber mortar on that model was my first attempt and building from scratch and I was extremely proud of that singular accomplishment.


In those days I used straight pins for rivets and I wasn't all that comfortable at making thin cuts in styrene.


Today I take such work routinely in stride without a second thought which goes to show that by continually pushing the envelope you will be amazed what you can accomplish.

Go ahead and surprise yourself............

Poetic License:

Might I be excused for a bit of poetic license for whilst the flavor of the Demolisher cannon is still intact, the oversized dimensions required a bit more detail.


The photos reveals that my work isn't very symmetrical but it will do.


Onward to the trunnion mount...........

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