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Originally Posted by CrashGordon94 View Post
It's worded to say "replace all weapons with..."
All stock weapons are replaced, both the storm bolter and power fist are swapped.

Originally Posted by CrashGordon94 View Post
the weapon list saying "replace Storm Bolter with..." suggests that you need to have a Storm Bolter to use the list
No it doesn't. That little '1' next to the cyclone missile launcher reads "does not replace the model's storm bolter" at the bottom right hand corner of the same page (97, for reference).

Originally Posted by CrashGordon94 View Post
Nevertheless as long as your opponents are fine with you doing that, there really isn't a problem.
It has nothing to do with them really. I honestly don't even feel like I'm remotely 'cheating the system' as in the old book this was perfectly valid since the wording was "for every five models in the squad one model may take a CML". It's hardly different in this edition, it's essentially "for every five models in the squad one model may take a CML and this does not replace the model's storm bolter". What part of the rules have been violated? All weapons swapped for TH/SS: Check. CML upgrade taken with 5 members to the squad and no stormbolter swapped: Check. Badass model that keeps a CC unit relevant at a distance while costing almost as much as a tricked out Scout squad:

Check. (75 points in one model )

Still feel like it's questionable? I don't mean to come off pushy, by all means if I'm wrong I want to know. I just definitely feel like it's a matter of RAW and RAI both pointing to the same thing. Maybe we get some other opinions on this.. @Xabre , @MidnightSun , got any thoughts on the subject?

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