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Originally Posted by Iraqiel View Post
Great stuff so far Loli, I really like your aged gold effect that you have going for armour plates. I think that the yellow works really well as a spot cover like you have on your two humanoid priests, but on the Kataphron it may work better if you confine it to trims on the amour plates and a line (like your on your robes) on the forward edge of the weapon, with the rest being in red or metal.
Thanks @Iraqiel . Im still not finished with the Thanatar, just need to get around to ordering some Valejo Light Rust and then i can get around to finishing the plates on it. Once the plates are done, I can actually make a start on the back, its cannon and ammo belt.

The yellow, I've now dropped it, from my Destroyers anyway, at first I liked it but the more I saw it, I just grew to dislike it. Instead gone for more metal colours on my Destroyers. Not entirely finished but almost there. Honestly though I'm more settled on this scheme. Just need to finish up the weapons , do the skin, then they should be finished.

I've almost finished two more of my Castellans now, my Power Fist ones. The photo makes them look alot more silver than they actually are which is funny since no silver has touched it aside from its backpack.

Also, finally got around to building my Sydonian Dragoon. The first bit of my Skitarii built. Had to go with the Taser, because I have a soft spot for Lance and Jousting. Don't care about the rules or effectiveness, it's a freaking lance. Ive not glued the legs, rider or the main carriage because I think that it would be much easier to paint that way. I also know the power cables don't match up to the legs but I went through the instructions as a assembled so didn't realise that they were meant to connect to the legs.

Still need to get around to assembling this lot yet though.

Lastly, I've now started a new army, feel free to take a guess which.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....

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