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Well, not too sure what it'll fight. Guard and 'Nids I know, but I'm not sure I feel right relegating such an expensive and special unit to just fighting weaklings.
He has Terminator Armor as mentioned, as well as a Storm Bolter.
Not sure which unit he'll go in right now, have a choice of two Terminator Squads (mostly AP2 melee) or one Deathwing Knight Squad (All AP3 melee). Eventually I'll be popping him in a Deathwing Command Squad (which will likely be all AP2 melee except for the Apothecary). So I'm concerned that if he has the Staff he won't be piercing the armor of whatever the unit is hitting.
Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
For fun you could always go Force Axe and Mace of Redemption and pick whichever one you need to use at the time.
A) I thought that the Force Weapon couldn't be swapped out and the Mace of Redemption isn't a Force Weapon?
B) How would I do this>
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